Buckminster Fuller – 42 hours of free lectures

Must listen material!

I am grabbing directly from open culture because I feel like I can’t say much more except – Check these out! This guy has a fascinating mind and is well worth listening to. I will add a photo because…photos!


Think of the name Buckminster Fuller, and you may think of a few oddities of mid-twentieth-century design for living: the Dymaxion House, the Dymaxion Car, thegeodesic dome. But these artifacts represent only a small fragment of Fuller’s life and work as a self-styled “comprehensive anticipatory design scientist.” In his decades-long project of developing and furthering his worldview — an elaborate humanitarian framework involving resource conservation, applied geometry, and neologisms like “tensegrity,” “ephemeralization,” and “omni-interaccommodative” — the man wrote over 30 books, registered 28 United States patents, and kept a diary documenting his every fifteen minutes. These achievements and others have made Fuller the subject of at least four documentaries and numerous books, articles, and papers, but now you can hear all about his thoughts, acts, experiences, and times straight from the source in the 42-hour lecture series Everything I Know,available to download at the Internet Archive. Though you’d perhaps expect it of someone whose journals stretch to 270 feet of solid paper, he could really talk.

In January 1975, Fuller sat down to deliver the twelve lectures that make upEverything I Know, all captured on video and enhanced with the most exciting bluescreen technology of the day. Props and background graphics illustrate the many concepts he visits and revisits, which include, according to the Buckminster Fuller Institute, “all of Fuller’s major inventions and discoveries,” “his own personal history in the context of the history of science and industrialization,” and no narrower a range of subjects than “architecture, design, philosophy, education, mathematics, geometry, cartography, economics, history, structure, industry, housing and engineering.” In his time as a passenger on what he called Spaceship Earth, Fuller realized that human progress need not separate the “natural” from the “unnatural”: “When people say something is natural,” he explains in the first lecture (embedded above as a YouTube video above), “‘natural’ is the way they found it when they checked into the picture.” In these 42 hours, you’ll learn all about how he arrived at this observation — and all the interesting work that resulted from it.

(The Buckminster Fuller archive has also made transcripts of Everything I Know — “minimally edited and maximally Fuller” — freely available.)

Parts 1-12 on the Internet Archive: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12

Parts 1-6 on YouTube:1, 2, 3, 4, 56

Check out the Bucky Fuller archive lectures! You can listen on your commutes and in 42 short hours have your mind buzzing with amazing thoughts.

Naked Binder Holiday Hours

Happy Thanksgiving!


Naked Binder is going to be closed November 26th and 27th for Thanksgiving. UPS is also not delivering these days in most parts of the country, so if you have a desperate need for eco friendly, recycled binders and pocket folders for those two days, get that order in now!

We hope that your holiday is safe, fun, and relaxing! Take care!

Add a Pocket to Your Binder

Have a 3-ring Binder but need pockets in it?

The Naked Binder Binder Pouch is more than a pocket folder that fits in a binder – it is an organizational tool, a keeper of artifacts, photos, kids pictures, important business papers, important and odd ideas, a company prospectus, memories, the past and the future.

Stronger than a vinyl binder pocket, better looking than poly pockets and 100% recyclable and recycled, these binder pockets allow you to have information in your binder that is quickly accessible and ready to go.

Insertable clip in pocket for 3-ring binders - Naked Binder

At Naked Binder, we think that the materials you use should be designed not only to hold paper, but to have a great feel and look.

Our bare board pocket folders are made from up to 100% post consumer waste paperboard.  Recycled and recyclable with a slightly tactile feel in the hand, our pocket folders offer sustainable and elegant organization that fits in the boardroom, the yoga studio and the home office.

Color can vary a little from a light gray to a somewhat browner gray.  Our 2-pocket folders are a bit more on the browner gray right now due to the post consumer waste in the mix.

Elegant, recycled, recyclable binder pockets. Making organization more fun. Creating great design for your binder!


  • Holds up to 25 sheets of paper easily
  • Clips into any US standard ring binder
  • Has a business card pocket
  • Has a CD/ Brochure pocket in the front.
  • 100% recycled
  • 100% recyclable
  • Only $1.50!

Get your 3-ring binder pockets here!

Green Meetings and Conferences

Greening meetings are smarter meetings.

We all know how much waste happens at conferences and meetings.

How many times have you looked at the piles of materials you were given and collected only to realize that you don’t need most of it? And how much of that was recyclable? The vinyl binders, plastic folders, foam squeeze balls… all that is landfill.

Greener Meeting Materials:

Bare Board, eco friendly, recycled and recyclable 3 ring binders - Naked BinderIf you lead these meetings you can do better. Look for strong 3 ring binders that are recyclable. If they are interesting, people will re-use them.

We all know vinyl binders are toxic and fall apart. The money you save on your 3-ring binders may not be helping your bottom line. You dress nicely to get the respect you deserve – you can dress your information just as well and people respond better to it.

What you need is a strong, eco friendly, recycled binder with good looks. Naked Binders are made from one piece of board – the strongest way to make a binder. We had them lab tested to 250,000 flexes (the equivalent of 20 uses a day for 34 years!) and they still worked fine.  That means after your meeting or conference, your information binder can be proudly used for years by the attendees and then recycled.

Be on the forefront of greener meetings and conferences and stand out as someone who cares to your attendees!

Sustainable, Recycled and Recyclable 3 Ring Binders – Off the Shelf and Custom!

The best, sustainable 3 ring binders whether you want printed binders or not.

Custom and off the shelf sustainable recycled 3 ring binders Naked Binder and Corporate Image

You know Naked Binder makes the best recycled, sustainable 3 ring binders and pocket folders. You know they are 100% recyclable and made from 100% post consumer waste board. For those who care about sustainable office products, Naked Binder has raised the bar in the industry pushing our competition to work harder and make better products.

While all the Naked Binder products can be customized, either with labels, screen printing, or a million other methods, we know that some of you need a custom, fully printed binder for your conferences, meetings, and marketing. For you, we would like to introduce our sister company, Corporate Image.

Whether you need 50 printed binders for a board meeting or 20,000 binders for HR, Corporate Image offers custom 3 ring binders  and pocket folders that are recyclable, use FSC certified papers, and made with 100% post consumer waste board. What you get is a sustainable 3 ring binder that is gorgeous.

Because Corporate Image makes custom products, you can get anything you need from window cuts, portfolio binders, notebook sized binder (those tiny half-sheet binders) in fully printed. They run both digital and offset presses and have been doing high end printing for over 30 years.

CUstom printed sustainable binders - Naked BInder

If you need sustainable, custom 3 ring binders, here is why Corporate Image is the place to go:

Green Printer: From 100% post consumer waste board, a wide range of FSC certified papers, soy inks and more, Corporate Image was a sustainable printer before most people even thought about it.

Knowledge and skills: For over 30 years, Corporate Image has been making the best, strongest custom 3 ring binders. They have won awards like Best Binder in the World, Best Binder in North America (4 times) as well as tons of packaging awards. They will know the best materials, practices and options to get you exactly what you want.

Service: They are super nice. Maybe it is a Mid-west thing, but not only do they know what they are doing, they are fun to work with. We know, because at Naked Binder, we work with all of them!

• Sustainable, Quality work: All Corporate Image (and Naked Binder) products are made in the USA with FSC certified board and papers. All of the products are 100% recyclable and you can get your product FSC certified if you choose. If you work in a LEED certified building, these binders can help with your continuing LEED credits!

So, lovely Naked Binder fans, if you need a custom printed binder that is sustainable and recycled, check out Corporate Image!

Know Your Designers: Massimo Vignelli

We would like to celebrate the life and work of Massimo Vignelli whose work has influenced generations and delighted and intrigued (OK and angered) many.

Naked Binder was created on the idea that “less is more” – clean design, less fuss and better function which was influenced in no small part by Massimo Vignelli the pioneering graphic and interior designer who died last year in his Manhattan home. He was 83.

Designer MassimoVignelli

A native of Milan, where he lived with his wife and design collaborator, Lella, until 1965, Vignelli left a Modernist mark on his adopted city. At his peak influence, the designer’s reductionist, less-is-more touch could be seen everywhere in the city, from big-banner department stores likeBloomingdale’s, to the rarified interiors of St. Peter’s Church. The American Airline jetplane flying overhead bore the iconic logo he designed for the company in 1967. “If you can design one thing, you can design everything,” Vignelli was known to remark. This all-inclusive approach to design was, still is, an important lesson he imported from Italy to North America where designers continue to be haunted by over-specialization.

His most controversial design was destined for the underground. Vignelli’s 1972 subway map, which replaced geographical accuracy with geometric clarity, earned him great acclaim from his colleagues and, later, curators. (The MoMA included the map in its postwar design collection.) The design, however, proved extremely unpopular, drawing the ire of New York commuters who didn’t warm to its unsentimental depiction of Central Park, which Vignelli colored gray and made square-shaped. Beyond the muted color scheme and alienating shapes, passengers just had a hard time using the map, and instead, rallied for the “spaghetti” design of yore. After just seven years of use, they succeeded in retiring Vignelli’s masterpiece.

Read more here at Metropolis

Massimo Vignelli work 1 MassimoVignelliwork2 Print

Alaskan villages moving from diesel to wind power

What to do when you live in a state with huge oil reserves, but you live so far out that they are super expensive? Move to wind power. Grist published a great article about remote villages that are working to generate power where they are.

Alaska may be home to much of the nation’s fuel resources, but that doesn’t mean power comes cheaply up there. This, however, could be changing … with a little help from the wind.

Currently, about 200 Arctic Alaskan communities use diesel fuel as their primary source of electricity and heat. The costs to transport diesel to the Far North are significant, and these rural villages pay more for power than anywhere else in the U.S. And it’s not just the financial costs that are high.

ClimateWire reports, it’s working:

Kotzebue was the first Arctic community in Alaska to build a wind farm. The city’s electric cooperative began installing turbines in 1997 and has steadily increased its capacity ever since. Last year, wind provided 20 percent of the town’s average electricity demand of 2.5 megawatts.

As its wind capacity has increased, the Kotzebue electric cooperative has been able to cut the amount of fuel it barges into town to run its diesel engines. Last year wind displaced 250,000 gallons of diesel fuel and saved the community $900,000, according to Brad Reeves, general manager of Kotzebue Electric.

Now the Kotzebue microgrid system is looking to further reduce diesel imports by adding a lithium-ion battery unit to its electricity network. The battery, which is the roughly size of a large SUV, will store wind energy when demand is low and tap the power when the renewable resource fluctuates.

“It will be good for that period when we have bands of wind and we have our diesels running,” Reeves explained. “Normally when the winds go out, we’d shift to a bigger diesel unit. The battery will let you stay in that band and keep the smaller diesel on. That will save money.”

See more about the move to wind power in the far north here!

Proposal Binders – Make your proposal binder as special as your proposal

Presentation of your proposal is important

The best Proposal bindersA few things set your proposal apart from everyone else. The most important should be content.  Lets face it, you are a genius and not to pick your proposal is insane. But…

I have served on a number of boards and panels and, sadly, the reality is that perception is key.  Does your proposal stand out in a good way?  Is it professional? I may read 150 proposals, but some stand out even before I open them.

If I already have a ‘good feeling’ about a project before I read it, it has a better chance of making it to the second or third cut where the merits of each proposal become paramount.  Think about it, if someone is skimming your proposal after looking at 120 proposals, you had better believe that you want to make a good first impression.

Amazing Proposal BindersAssuming you are using a 3-ring binder, make it something clean, neat, a little interesting and recyclable (the organization you are applying to may have to get rid of a lot of these – make it easy).

The Naked Binder offers 4 color in the Project Binder, the elemental bare board Naked binders, and the really cool Woodie binders. All of our binders are recyclable, interesting and easily customized with a label, screen printing or even laser etching (very very cool).

Let Naked Binder help get past the initial hurdles so people can concentrate on the genius of your proposal.

Check out the New Project Binder here!

Open House! Tonight! For Naked Binder / Corporate Image

Corporate Image(ination) is an event bringing designers from the Midwest, from graphic designers to packaging designers together to talk about designing and manufacturing packaging, and sustainable practices.

People will be able to go into the plant to see how products are made, attend design clinics, as well as talk to our product designers and staff about presentation product design.

Come talk to  experts in presentation packaging, walk through of our production facility to see your projects being made, and speak with our team about projects you are working on.

Come talk with us! RSVP here!

Come hear expert designers speak:

Neenah Paper

Doug Grever of Neenah paper is giving a talk about Neenah Papers folding board. ”From the first sketch to the final fold, your brand packaging needs to be as premium and perfect as the product within. Neenah Packaging provides collaborative idea generation, personalized and hands-on consultation, and knowledgeable support throughout the packaging process.”

Neenah Paper folding board - Corporate Image

Working in Corrugate

Andy Dickman, a corrugate expert, will be discussing possibilities in corrugate boxes. Understanding the benefits and limits of corrugates can help you plan for your next box project. Learn how corrugate boxes are designed and built and all of the options for customizing corrugates. From full litho wraps with laminates and spot UVs to direct print, corrugates are versatile and strong enough to protect any product.

Custom Corrugated boxes - Corporate Image

Finishing Options in Packaging

Logan Wittmer is speaking about finishing options for printed and cloth covered products. From textured papers to unique cloth, soft touch lamination and spot UV to debossing and foil stamping, Corporate Image offers a range of finishing options for your 3 ring binders, custom boxes and pocket folders.

finishes and alternative fabrics for packaging - Corporate Image

Corporate Image(ination) Open House and Design Clinic

Come by and learn more about packaging designing and have a great time!

When: October 15th, 2015

Where: 1801 Thompson Ave, Des Moines IA 50316

Let us know you are coming! RSVP here!

Sustainable Pocket Folders.

A good recycled pocket folder acts as an organizational tool, keepers of artifacts, your new start-up ideas and your kids pictures.

What you put in a pocket folder is important to you, so why we make folders that work, look good and won’t harm your papers.

Insertable clip in pocket for 3-ring binders - Naked Binder

A well designed pocket folder takes into account the future. All of our recycled, eco friendly pocket folders are acid neutral – meaning that they won’t yellow your newspapers, photos or ideas.

On top of that, the Naked Binder bare board pocket folders are made from up to 100% post consumer waste paperboard.  Recycled and recyclable with a slightly tactile feel in the hand, our pocket folders offer sustainable and elegant organization that fits in the boardroom, the yoga studio and the home office.

Color can vary a little from a light gray to a somewhat browner gray.  Our 2-pocket folders are a bit more on the browner gray right now due to the post consumer waste in the mix.

Whether you are organizing papers for the board meeting, a green conference, your grandmother’s recipes or 2nd grade art, let your pocket folder protect your papers as well as store them.

Pocket folder styles:

1 pocket folders –

In a 1 pocket folder the pocket is on the right side of the folder when open and has a universal business card cut, so you can use a vertical or horizontally printed business card.

2 pocket folders –

A 2 pocket folder has a pocket on the inside of the front cover and the inside of the back cover. The right hand pockets have universal business card cuts, for vertical or horizontally printed business cards.

Binder pocket or Binder Pouch –

These clever folders clip into the rings of your 3 ring binder, adding pockets and storage for loose papers. Unlike a vinyl binder pocket, these binder pouches hold up to 25 sheets of paper easily. Need more? Add another binder pocket. No problem! The Binder Pockets have business card slits and a brochure of CD slit. If you don’t want to use that, no problem, it sits flat when not in use. (see photo above)

Get exactly what you need with sustainable, recycled, recyclable pocket folders. Making organization more fun and better designed!


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