We Won Best 3 Ring Binder in North America!

So your eco friendly, recycled binder manufacturer, Naked Binder, beat out all the other binder manufacturers in North America to win the Eska Frog Award for Best Binder in North America.

Boy are we proud.

Which one of our binders won? You may have already guessed.

Winner Best Binder in North America

The beauty is that we are now on our way to the contest for Best Binder in the World! Our fine wood binder is competing with the winners of South and Central America, Asia, Europe and Africa to see who makes the best 3-ring binder in the world. I would like to point out that we sent a binder straight off the production line – no fancy embellishment, no tricks – this is the same binder you get when you order from Naked Binder.

Some companies create one off samples for a contest like this, but you know us, we think our binders are the best already. There is no need to invent a new binder if you already make awesomeness.

(yes, we are proud of our binders!)

Not only is the wood 3 ring binder beautiful, and strong, but now you can brag about having the best binder. Let your office be a showpiece!

Templates for Metal Clip-on label holders (for your cool wood 3 ring binder)

Your wood Naked Binder is the coolest thing ever.  Now to design an amazing label for it!

We can help you with a template for you metal clip on label holder. (Download it here)

The label itself is 1-1/8″ wide x 2.5″ tall. Using the template you can either type your information in word or make a fancy label in a design program.

You can change the label easily without removing the label holder, so even if you relabel the same binder for every meeting, it won’t hurt the binder!

Wood binder with labels - naked binder

The label holders just slide onto your binder, so if you want to rebrand your binder, or just have it a simple, beautiful elemental binder, you can remove the holder.3 ring binder label holder

Don’t forget to download your label template for the metal label holder!

The Naked Binder Woodie: A Real Wood 3 Ring Binder

Introducing the Naked Binder Woodie.

Imagine a 3 ring binder. Now imagine the feel of wood in your hand, the warmth and swirl of the wood grain, and the deep rich color.

Whether you have it in your corner office on the 33rd floor or your home design office, this is a 3 ring binder that not only helps keep you organized, but stimulates your senses.

Available in Birch ( a light colored wood with more subtle graining) or Cherry (darker wood), you can match these to your environment like a fine wine to a good meal. Even better, they work like a dream. Made in the same super strong way all Naked Binders are made out of one piece of 100% pcw board with the wood applied inside and out. The edges are flush cut (the paperboard shows through on the edges)

wood 3 ring binders by Naked Binder

The wood binders are available in with a 1″ D ring or a 1.5″ D ring. A 1″ D ring holds about 220 sheets of paper, a 1.5″ D ring binder holds about 350 sheets.

Is it sustainable?  You know how we worry…

We picked our mill very carefully. Our partner, Graphic Wood Technologies, developed a process which allows them to paper-back real wood to be used as a covering material. Here’s more about them in their own words:

“(Graphic Wood Technologies’) story is not one of a lumber mill with 100 years of history and burly men wearing flannel (although we do occasionally sport a flannel during our blustery winters) while cutting wood with giant saws, mounds of sawdust everywhere. We are a young company with a long history of doing things with wood that others within the industry said just could not be done. We’re a passionate group of people bringing a ground breaking product to market while proudly manufacturing that product in the USA. People, passion and place – words that define our company.”

Fun, right? All of the wood used in their process is locally sourced, primarily from Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan, Iowa, Illinois or Pennsylvania. Every single log is hand selected, and they refuse to source from other countries where they cannot confirm whether resources are sustainably harvested. Each and every log is traceable back to the 40-acre parcel where it was harvested, and for every log used, Graphic Wood Technologies donates 10-15 tree seedlings through the Arbor Day Foundation.

Naked Binder is also planting a tree fro every wood binder we sell. Overall, this should increase the tree coverage significantly over the next few years.

How can you customize your Wood Binder without hurting it?

We thought about that a lot.  We labeled them, and they look great, but what if we want to use it for something else?

With that in mind, we found a great clip on label holder:

3 ring binder label holder

Now you can label your 3 ring binder in a classy way without hurting the binder itself.  We are working on getting a large enough distribution to offer these for all of our binders, but for now, we only offer them with the Naked Binder Woodie!

Wrap it up there Shakespeare.

The Naked Binder Woodie marks a giant step forward in what a 3 ring binder can do for you. The tactile enjoyment of holding a wood binder, the prestige and adoration of your office mates as they check it out and wish they had one and the little piece of nature that you are bringing to your organizing all add up to make you a little happier.

At least that is how it happened here. Every prototype has been snatched from the testing shelves and are now on desks everywhere.

A 3 ring binder made of wood. Finally, organization meets nature!

Recyclable Office and School Supplies – Why it Matters.

Every year in the U.S. 50 million + 3 ring binders are bought, used, broken and thrown away. The vast majority of these are vinyl binders.

  • That means there is 50 million+ lbs of toxic garbage going into your landfill – Every year.
  • That means that 30 million lbs of vinyl is being produced, waste being generated, pollution released.
  • That also means that the chances are, the toxic off-gassing that characterizes vinyl is happening in your office or your home.

A recycled and recyclable binder – say from Naked Binder – offers an alternative to this toxic cycle.

Bare Board, eco friendly, recycled and recyclable 3 ring binders - Naked Binder

The binders are made from 100% FSC certified post consumer waste paper.  Recycled paper uses less energy and water than virgin paper and produces less waste.  Also, you don’t need to send trucks out into the forests to haul trees to a mill to make your binder.

The entire binder is recyclable. All of it. 100%.  Naked Binder uses no plastics, no vinyl – nothing that is not easily and universally recyclable. That means there is no landfill, and the materials are back into the recycled material universe, perhaps to make a new 3-ring binder!

These recycled binders are non-toxic.  No BPAs, no dioxins – none of that. That means your kids can use them safely and that if you want (and I have) you can compost the binder.

This means your green office is saving money.

Healthier employees work better and are happier.  Stronger binders that last longer save you money. Not having to either hire interns to cut up your vinyl binders so you can recycle part of them also saves you money.

A recycled and recyclable 3-ring binder offers you a stronger binder that you can use with pride knowing that not only are you healthier and better looking, but you are saving the planet also!

Sustainable, printed 3 ring binders? Naked Binder has a sister company for you!

The best, sustainable 3 ring binders whether you want printed binders or not.

Custom and off the shelf sustainable recycled 3 ring binders Naked Binder and Corporate Image

You know Naked Binder makes the best recycled, sustainable 3 ring binders and pocket folders. You know they are 100% recyclable and made from 100% post consumer waste board. For those who care about sustainable office products, Naked Binder has raised the bar in the industry pushing our competition to work harder and make better products.

While all the Naked Binder products can be customized, either with labels, screen printing, or a million other methods, we know that some of you need a custom, fully printed binder for your conferences, meetings, and marketing. For you, we would like to introduce our sister company, Corporate Image.

Whether you need 50 printed binders for a board meeting or 20,000 binders for HR, Corporate Image offers custom 3 ring binders  and pocket folders that are recyclable, use FSC certified papers, and made with 100% post consumer waste board. What you get is a sustainable 3 ring binder that is gorgeous.

Because Corporate Image makes custom products, you can get anything you need from window cuts, portfolio binders, notebook sized binder (those tiny half-sheet binders) in fully printed. They run both digital and offset presses and have been doing high end printing for over 30 years.

custom printed recyclable 3 ring binder

If you need sustainable, custom 3 ring binders, here is why Corporate Image is the place to go:

Green Printer: From 100% post consumer waste board, FSC certified papers, soy inks and more, Corporate Image was a sustainable printer before most people even thought about it.

Knowledge and skills: For over 30 years, Corporate Image has been making the best, strongest custom 3 ring binders. They have won awards like Best Binder in the World as well as tons of packaging awards. They will know the best materials, practices and options to get you exactly what you want.

Service: They are super nice. Maybe it is a Mid-west thing, but not only do they know what they are doing, they are fun to work with. We know, because at Naked Binder, we work with all of them!

• Sustainable, Quality work: All Corporate Image (and Naked Binder) products are made in the USA with FSC certified board and papers. All of the products are 100% recyclable and you can get your product FSC certified if you choose. If you work in a LEED certified building, these binders can help with your continuing LEED credits!

So, lovely Naked Binder fans, if you need a custom printed binder that is sustainable and recycled, check out Corporate Image!

Sick of Dyeing Easter Eggs with Chemical Dyes? Check this out!

We found this on DesignSponge, and excellent design blog that we haunt.

DIY Naturally Dyed Easter Eggs!

From Design Sponge:

Last year I had the pleasure of meeting Samin Nosrat for the first time and it felt like we all became instant great friends. She is one of the most delightful people in the food (and all-around) community and I’m so thrilled to welcome her for a special holiday DIY. Take it away, Samin!

I grew up celebrating Nowruz, or Persian New Year, where one of my favorite traditions was dyeing eggs to symbolize fertility and abundance for the new year table, or Haft-Sin. Now, as a professional cook, I marvel at the myriad ways food affects our lives and traditions beyond the dining table.

A few years ago, I met Kristine Vejar, whose passion for fiber-based arts is wildly apparent from the moment you step into her beautiful Oaklandshop, A Verb for Keeping Warm. I began wondering — could she come up with a dyeing method that would yield delicious, properly cooked eggs with vibrantly colored shells? Does it always have to be one or the other? The answer is a resounding no!

I for one am dyeing my eggs in a better way.  The full article and recipe is here! 

Is it possible to recycle a vinyl binder? Now it is!

It seems it is now possible to recycle your Vinyl Binders.

In recent weeks, we have been informed that Staples has stepped up it’s trade in a 3 ring binder program. They work with Terracycle to recycle even vinyl binders.  We contacted Terracycle to see what happened to the vinyl, and while they wouldn’t say exactly, they insisted that none of the products they collect go to landfill. If that is true (and we hope it is!) this is the place to bring your vinyl binders!

From the Terracycle site:

Binder Recycling Program at STAPLES®

Main image for Binder Recycling Program at STAPLES®

Staples, the Office Superstore, is now operating an everyday program to collect binders in their stores nationwide! You can make your back-to-school shopping eco-friendly by bringing your empty, used binders to a Staples store near you. When you bring your empty binder(s) to the checkout counter, you will be given a $2 credit toward the new binder you want to purchase*.

In 2012, Staples launched the first retail-based collection program for binders. Today, that collection program is an everyday offering. Operated in conjunction with Avery®, the goal of the program is to help the environment while incentivizing shoppers to recycle.

To participate, all you have to do is bring in your old (and empty) binder to any Staples location – there is a link to a Store Locator below, so that you may locate the store nearest you. When you turn in your binder(s) at the check-out counter, you should bring the binder(s) that you want to purchase with you. For each binder you turn in, you will receive a $2 credit toward your new binder purchases*. By bringing your old binders to Staples stores, you are helping to keep these binders out of the garbage, and ultimately out of landfills. Every binder that we collect through this program will be recycled and used in the creation of new products.

*Note: This is a one-for-one program (one $2 binder recycle credit for each binder purchased) and there is no cash back. The value of the recycling credit cannot exceed the purchase price of the binder being bought. The program is for same-day purchases at the time of the transaction and will not be honored for future purchased. This program also does not apply to the purchase of any Simply brand binders.

Whether you have one or hundreds of vinyl binders you are trying to recycle, bring them to Staples. We are not going to recommend that you buy more vinyl binders – they are still toxic to make and use even if someone is recycling them, but getting your vinyl recycled at least keeps it out of landfill for a bit longer.

Benefits of Recycling – in one sweet infographic

As someone who recycles, composts, avoids heavily packaged items and works for a company making recycled and recyclable 3-ring binders and pocket folders, even I wonder what impact recycling has and if it is making a difference.

Reducing household trash has other positive effects on the nation besides keeping waste out of landfills. Recycling also benefits the environment and the economy. Recycling products reduces the amount of fuel needed to produce new materials. Americans recycle 87 million tons of waste per year, and the amount of greenhouse gas emissions saved is equivalent to removing 33 million cars from the road. Just the number of aluminum cans saved from American trash bins annually saves enough gasoline to fuel more than 722,000 cars for over three years. Recycling is a big deal!

People in the US have been recycling more and more which is great. There are few things that could really help if I read this right. Looking at the chart, it seems if everyone composted yard and food waste we would already cut MSW by over 25%.

Also, being mindful of what we buy – how it is presented, packaging etc – could cut this down even further. Check it out for yourself!

Benefits of recycling infographic

We found this at mysweetgreens. Check out what else they talk about!

Artist Tauba Auerbach creates a RGB colorspace atlas

Every wonder what every color that can be generated with RGB is?  Get the book!

I just stumbled on these book and now I am a big fan of her work

RGB color atlas

Digital offset print on paper, case bound book, airbrushed cloth cover and page edges
8 x 8 x 8 inches each
20.3 x 20.3 x 20.3 cm. Binding co-designed by Daniel E. Kelm and Tauba Auerbach. The books were bound by Daniel E. Kelm assisted by Leah Hughes at the Wide Awake Garage.

Tauba Auerbach - artist - Color Cube

And check this super amazing book:

Artist Tauba works

Mohawk superfine paper, acrylic paint, cloth, ribbon
Variable Dimensions – Closed Approx 16 x 16 x 16 inches
40.6 x 40.6 x 40.6 cm. Open Approx 16 x 23.25 x 11.75 inches 40.6 x 59.1 x 29.8 cm. Binding construction by Daniel Kelm.

Check out Tauba Auerbach here>


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