6 Ways to Customize a 3 Ring Binder for Meetings, Conferences and Proposals

Big proposal, important meeting, impending conference and you need a 3 ring binder to hold all of your materials, support your brand and reinforce your values.

Start with what you need to support your values and your brand: Custom, recycled, recyclable, and strong 3 ring binders.

Getting a vinyl or plastic binder says one thing about you, as does a binder that feels like it may fall apart. Since you have options, get a 3 ring binder that is not only 100% post consumer waste, 100% recyclable, but also perhaps the strongest 3 ring binder in the world, Naked Binder.

Branding a 3-ring binder:

Depending on how many binders you need, different approaches will fit your needs.  For small quantities, getting custom printed 3 ring binders can be expensive and may be too much for the situation. With a little creativity, even the simple processes that you can do at the office or home, from labeling to screen printing) look fantastic.  If you need more, say 50 binders and up, having someone else do the work makes a lot of sense and gives you more options.

1.  Labeling.  $   Great Flexibility

Naked Binder - bare board binder with label

Maximum creative possibility with minimum $.  This requires a printer and a computer that allows you to design with photos, text or other things you like.

This was done from a photo of a rail car printed on a full sheet Avery label, trimmed and applied to the spine of the binder.

Organizing a green business? Make a label template and only change the text of what is in the binders.  This gives a clean look to your entire shelf.

2. Temporary Tattoos.  $ Unique look

Temporary-Tattly Tattoo binder

Temporary tattoos offer a unique and fun alternative to labeling.  With no white backgrounds, the bare board (or colored paper) shines through.

Unique shapes and color make this the poor man’s foil stamping. Or the hip woman’s creative branding.

3. Screen Printing  $ Fun and versatile

aiga-green-binder - Naked BinderIf you have mad skills (or know someone who does), screening is a great option for both the bare board binders and the New Project Binders.

The binders screen really well and screen print shops around the country have printed on them with no trouble.

4. Digitally Printed Binders $ – slightly more

Corporate Image: digitally printed binder

Now, you can’t get this through Naked Binder, but you can get it through their sister company Corporate Image.

This digitally printed 3-ring binder is fully cased and lined, giving you a fully finished look with lots of room for art!

Minimum order is 50, and they are great for proposals and conferences, big meetings… or anything really.

5. Offset Printed Binders -depending on quantity can be very low $

offset printed portfolio Binder

When you need the very best printed 3-ring binders, offset printing is the way. While digital printing has become really clean, offset is still a step up ( a little like digital photos and film – film just gives that little extra).

At Corporate Image (again) the minimum quantity is 250, so this is for larger runs.  These give some great shelf presence for architecture offices, financial and healthcare binders.

6. Foil Stamping. $+ quantity affects price deeply but: Feeling Classic?

foil stamped 3-ring binder for classic look

Foil Stamping gives that feel of a really good book. You can stamp on cloth, printed binders, or bare board.

Clean, elegant and eye catching, many industries are doing this but we find financial institutions like the sense of permanence and elegance it provides.

Interesting Packaging Design for Your Bike – James Dyson Awards


Ready to hop on your bike to go to the grocery store to get your veggies for dinner? Check out this handy cardboard carrier – sort of a bike friendly paper bag but reusable. The whole page is here, but we provided a synopsis for you here!

The Inspiration

We, two enthusiastic cyclist and architecture students from Vienna, have now been riding for eight years through Vienna on two wheels. The bike would be the perfect mean of traveling through cities and in the countrysideif it was not for the issue of shopping and transportation of things. At the shop we often asked ourselves if our bag is still big enough to transport all the goods safely back home. Is the water bottle too heavy?


The Function

The PACKTASCHE attracts two large business sectors. It is useable as service packaging and a transportation device for retail businesses and also as a communication medium for NGOs, events and tourism.
In retail the PACKTASCHE is designed for supermarket chains and larger business associations. The key point here is that it allows cyclists spontaneous shopping and much bigger purchases. The PACKTASCHE can therefore increase sales volumes and raise customer loyalty.
Furthermore, this new bag offers great marketing and image building opportunities to business assosciations. At the moment the PACKTASCHE is yet used for the most part as an advertising medium. A common cyclist can cover up to 10 km each trip with a relatively slow speed of 12 km per hour on average, which makes the bike the perfect mobile markting device for urban spaces. As a result of these attributes and its innovative character, the Packtasche is the ideal product for urban and regional marketing.

Besides these commercial benefits, the PACKTASCHE is still designed and made for it’s users, the common cyclists. For them, we would like to make everyday’s riding even more enjoyable by simplifying their shopping and transportational tasks. This, we believe, can increase the usage of the bycicle and broaden its acceptance within society. We consider the PACKTASCHE as our first small contribution to make the change towards sustainable mobility a reality for future generations.

One thought we had is that if you live in Seattle, or other traditionally damp areas, you may want to wax those panniers.

Thoughts from the packaging experts at Naked Binder:


  • Points for recyclability and branding opportunities.
  • Low cost and reusable
  • Innovative and fun idea.


  • Would prefer longer lasting option
  • Cardboard is not 100% recycled material
  • How much could it hold – worry the bottom would open up on rough roads

Conclusion:  4 stars out of 5

Very cool idea and in a pinch to have this option at the grocery store would be amazing.  As a branding opportunity it is great exposure and we can see these being used at bike rallies and grocery stores.


Inspired Marketing at North Face

This North Face Store’s Floor Disappears, Forcing Startled Shoppers to Climb the Walls Sudden sporting challenge for visitors.

What?  This is great.

The truth is that most people who buy outdoor gear (clothing is just a part of that) never go farther than from the door to their car in bad weather. In fact, in general, even people who buy tents and packs generally only use them once.

In Naked Binder’s view that is both sad and wasteful.  Lecture over.

The idea of forcing the clientele to scale the walls and then leap for product is genius. Shopping as an adventure sport.

North face store with disappearing floor - Corporate Image

Want to see it in action?  AdWeek’s website has video of the North Face shoppers reactions here.

Earthquake Weather: Project by Jenifer Wofford

The Earthquake Weather project of Jenifer Wofford combines all the crazy memories of the 1989 quake with superb illustrations.

I remember it – well sort of.  I had driven from San Francisco to LA that evening, and in the morning everyone kept saying how San Francisco was destroyed/had a big quake/ was burning. I kept thinking everything was fine when I left – it was very disorienting. So when I heard about this project I got excited.

It’s been 25 years since the Loma Prieta quake, and the Bay Area has changed considerably. It’s always been a place of transition and flux: people come and go, the earth shifts beneath us. Still, for those of us who were actually here in 1989 and who still vividly remember this event, this anniversary seemed like a good time to collect some of these memories.

Earthquake Weather is a collection of people’s personal stories of that day, with occasional illustrations by yours truly.



Jenifer Wofford - art project


Go check out Earthquake Weather now!

Notebook Binders – Awesome Recycled Mini Binders

Ah notebook binders! Strong half sheet mini binders that fit in your bag or briefcase and make you look good!

smaller organization binder

What is a notebook binder?

A notebook binder holds half sheets of standard US paper – so each piece of paper is 5.5″ wide x 8.5″tall. About the size of your tablet, a notebook binder offers the ease of carrying with the tactile joy of doodling creative sketches.

A Recycled Notebook Binder?

All the Naked Binder notebook binders are made from 100% post consumer waste paper, so no trees were hurt making them.  On top of that, these notebook binders are super strong and 100% recyclable making them one of the most eco friendly 3-ring binders ever.

Where do I get this fine mini 3 ring binder?

Why at Naked Binder of courseHalf sheet Notebook Binders - Naked Binder! We have a bare board notebook binder or one with a blue cloth spine wrap!

Seriously, opening one of these at a big meeting will blow minds and start a rush to be just like you.

Recycled Notebook Binders!





Why it Counts: Recycled Binders, Pocket Folders and Tab Dividers

What good is using a recycled binder or eco friendly pocket folders and tab dividers in the grand scheme of things?

You pay attention to composting and what you eat, but what is the benefit to recycled and recyclable office supplies? Can it help or is it just hype?

Bare Board, eco friendly, recycled and recyclable 3 ring binders - Naked Binder

Recycled paper has some large positive environmental impacts.

Recycling 1 ton of paper saves 1-2 tons of wood, 7000 gallons of water, 3 cubic yards of landfill space, 2 barrels of oil, and 4100 kilowatt hours of electricity, enough energy to power the average American home for five months.

So what does that mean for, say a recycled (100% post consumer waste) 3-ring binder?

ONE recycled 3-ring binder saves

  • 3 gallons of water
  • almost half a square foot of landfill
  • almost a cup of oil (not cooking oil either)
  • 2.05 killowatt hours of electricity

Imagine a world where all 50,000,000 3-ring binders in the US (annual sales) were Naked Binders. Compare that to a vinyl binder where you are using more oil based vinyl, generating more toxic byproducts and also creating something that can not be recycled.

Naked Binder makes our recycled and recyclable 3 ring binders, folders and tab dividers in the USA, so none of our product is shipped in from halfway around the world – saving more fuel and emissions.

Can a recycled and recyclable 3 ring binder, folder or tab divider make a difference?  Yes it can.

Growing Winter Vegies

As it gets colder and the days shorten up, I look at my garden and wonder what else I can hope to get out of it this year.  I am slightly addicted to eating fresh from the garden, so when I saw this in Mother Earth Living, I got excited again!

growing winter vegetables

If you’ve already done the work of digging and prepping garden beds for spring and summer, why not make use of that space for nutritious veggies this fall? With a little effort, you can harvest garden goodies well into winter—even in snow!

What You Can Grow: Cold-Weather Vegetables

Most garden greens and plenty of hardy veggies will thrive in cold weather, and many are actually sweetened by autumn’s dipping temperatures. Some cold-hardy plants, such as kale, mâche and spinach, will still be sending out tender, new leaves when it’s snowing outside. Root crops such as beets and carrots store well throughout the winter, providing four seasons of fresh flavor.

Read more: http://www.motherearthliving.com/vegetable-gardening/fall-gardening-guide-how-to-grow-cold-weather-vegetables.aspx#ixzz3D2JiYpWS

Making Lamps from Mushrooms

recycled material lamp

Via Designer Pages:

Edvard has also developed a lamp made from MYX that produces food for the consumer before it ends up as a functional light object.

MYX is made from leftover hemp fibres from the textile industry and mushroom-mycelium (the vegetative part of a fungus, consisting of a mass of branching, thread-like hyphae), which is gathered from commercial mushroom farms.

To create MYX Edvard developed a natural binding process which involves growing the mushroom mycelium around the hemp fibres like a glue, forming a flexible and soft living textile – an optimized end-waste product.

How cool is that?  Plus the lamp looks great with the light shining through.

Naked Binder would like you all to think outside the box, as it were.  If you come up with a great idea for recycling, reusing or otherwise upcycling materials, we will put it in our blog!

more on the mushroom lamp here!

Plastics are taking over our Oceans

“Plastics” – from that word of advice in the movie ‘The Graduate’ to a reality where almost all products are wrapped in plastic throwaway packages or made with plastics, the question of what happens to all of that plastic needs to be addressed.

romantic swim in a garbage patch

Naked Binder has asked the question as to where vinyl goes, and brought up the plastics issue before but much like climate change science it seems that we are, as a nation and a planet, willing to ignore reality and hope for the best. The New York Times editorial yesterday stated:

Plastics are now one of the most common pollutants of ocean waters worldwide. Pushed by winds, tides and currents, plastic particles form with other debris into large swirling glutinous accumulation zones, known to oceanographers as gyres, which comprise as much as 40 percent of the planet’s ocean surface — roughly 25 percent of the entire earth.

Gyres – large circulations and islands of plastic – comprise as much as 40% of our oceans or a quarter of our planet.

One can only say,”Yikes”.

What can you do?  It seems almost impossible to eliminate all plastic from your life, especially in the US, but it is possible.  You can start by cutting back – no more plastic wrap, plastic bags from grocery stores, finding products not made of plastics or wrapped in them.

Some steps I have taken – eliminate or at least heavily cut back on plastic bags, over time (almost there!) convert all my food storage to glass containers (no sense in throwing away what is in place, use it until it is broken, then recycle what you can), trying to avoid buying new plastic toys for my kid (we do a lot of garage sales and the like – reuse vs. new), we recycle like crazy and use compostable bags for our dog walks.

Some resources

My Plastic Free Life

Life without Plastic

Pinterest – plastic free living

And of course, Read the whole article in the New York Times

We can do this people! Lets go plastic free!

Why a recycled 3-ring binder matters

Every year in the U.S. 50 million+ 3 ring binders are bought, used, broken and thrown away. The vast majority of these are vinyl binders.

  • That means there is 50 million+ lbs of toxic garbage going into your landfill – Every year.
  • That means that 30 million lbs of vinyl is being produced, waste being generated, pollution released.
  • That also means that the chances are, the toxic off-gassing that characterizes vinyl is happening in your office or your home.

A recycled and recyclable 3-ring binder – say from Naked Binder – offers an alternative to this toxic cycle.

eco friendly, recycled and recyclable 3 ring binders - Naked Binder

The binders are made from 100% FSC certified post consumer waste paper.  Recycled paper uses less energy and water than virgin paper and produces less waste.  Also, you don’t need to send trucks out into the forests to haul trees to a mill to make your binder.

The entire binder is recyclable. All of it. 100%.  Naked Binder uses no plastics, no vinyl – nothing that is not easily and universally recyclable. That means there is no landfill, and the materials are back into the recycled material universe, perhaps to make a new 3-ring binder! This includes the Notebook binders, the colorful Project Binders and the Naked Binder.

These recycled binders are non-toxic.  No BPAs, no dioxins – none of that. That means your kids can use them safely and that if you want (and I have) you can compost the binder.

Whether you are greening your office, or going back to school, eliminating vinyl is an easy way to be healthier while getting a stronger better looking 3-ring binder. Win win win win win!

A recycled and recyclable 3-ring binder offers you a stronger binder that you can use with pride knowing that not only are you healthier and better looking, but you are saving the planet also!


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