Greening the office – How to get buy in from everyone.

GREENING THE OFFICE – GETTING PEOPLE TO BUY IN TO THE IDEA Lets face it the steps to actually greening your office – reducing waste, recycling, energy efficiency and the rest are the easy part.  How you get the whole office to participate is the question.  If you are part of a Green Team, participation from […]

Eco Friendly Recycled Pocket Folders – the answer to your problems

WHEN A VINYL COVERED POCKET FOLDER WON’T DO, THE SEARCH BEGINS FOR AN ECO FRIENDLY POCKET FOLDER. The amount of waste in the world is out of control. Each year 80,000 trees are felled just to make pencils, 40-60 million vinyl binders are tossed into landfill and 40 billion used water bottles are thrown away […]

Not just a great recycled 3 ring binder – compostable too!

Sure we sell recycled 3-ring binders.  But are they compostable? At Naked Binder, we test our binders. From having them flexed 250,000 times (strongest binder in the world), to running the binders through the dishwasher (it was fine once we dried it out) to composting a binder. Last year I took an old binder – […]

Recycling – good for a lot of reasons

We all agree that recycling is helpful and a good thing to do. The question is “how good is it?”. It is surprising some of the ways that you benefit from recycling. Recycling helps your health Keeping hazardous wastes out of the waste stream will keep local water and air cleaner. Recycling helps you and […]

Green Meetings, Eco Friendly Festivals, Events and Conferences

Creating a green meeting is a big job. If you think about the number of conventions, conferences, and meetings taking place around the country, it is staggering. Huge numbers of people fly to a city to learn more about what is happening in their industries, share information and ideas and fly home. Along the way, […]

Organize your home so you have more time to yourself

Organizing your life can help you get more done and have more time to relax and have fun. Taking a few steps to keep things where you can find them can save a huge amount of time, effort and hair pulling. I should know.  I am not the most organized person on the planet. So […]

A vertical garden made from soda bottles? Surprisingly beautiful!

Urban Vertical Garden Built From Hundreds of Recycled Soda Bottles This is colossal is a blog that deals with a lot of art in interesting mediums. A lot of their posts are interesting enough to give you pause and get your creative juices going. This one  caught my eye.  Initially skeptical, the more I looked, […]

Organizing for a better space to work

Creating a better workspace involves a mix of practicality, design and creativity to insure that you not only work well, but think well too. Lets face it, most jobs are not just repetition of the same thing all day.  These days, most jobs involve multi tasking, thinking of your feet and being able to find […]