How a 3 ring binder can help your industry

Which binder will best boost your brand? When searching for the right image, you may be curious to know what other people are using to promote theirs

Top 3 3-ring Binders for Architecture and Engineering firms:

Classic Binder (Black is #1)

Naked Binder (square)

Project Binder (round)

Top 3 3-ring Binders for Design firms and Ad Agencies:

Project Binder (round)

Project Binder (square)

Naked Binder (round and square)

Top 3 Binders for Furniture Companies and Manufacturers:

 Eames Binder

Naked Binder (square)

Project Binder (round)

Top 3-ring Binders for Law Firms:

Classic Binders (Lime and Navy)

Eames Binder

Top 3 3-ring Binders for Financial and Consulting Firms:

Eames Binder

Classic Binder (various colors)

Naked Binders (square)

Top 3 3-ring  Binders for Restaurants and the Food Industry:

Project Binder

Eames Binder

Notebook Binder

Top 3-ring Binders and Folders for the Fashion Industry:

Project Binder (square and round)

Naked Binders

Pocket Folders

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