Proposal binders with eco friendly flair

When you are submitting a proposal, you want to show attention to detail and design as well as how highlight your awesomeness in what you do. Naked Binder crafts proposal binders with clean design, beautiful detailing with eco-friendly materials.

Eco Friendly proposal binders - Naked BinderNo matter what your proposal is about, we have a 3-ring binder that can match your needs. Check out the elemental Naked Binder or the existential Classic. Perhaps the refined Eames is more for you, or a colorful yet simple Project Binder. Our binders can project the image and strength your brand to help make your proposal stand out.

Naked Binders are all created with 100% FSC certified post consumer waste paperboard. This clean and eco-friendly board has the hinge pressed directly into the board resulting in a super strong binder. The binders are 100% recyclable.

Don’t let your 3-ring proposal binders hold you back. Get the craftsmanship your work deserves to show it off in style.

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