Make your office look better: use a better 3-ring binder

A green office with a good sense of style is a better place to spend your time and builds confidence with customers.

Naked Binder recently worked with an office to upgrade all of their binders.  The difference was astounding, but didn’t sink in until they saw the before and after photos.  I’m going to save you some time here and jump into the photos.

Remember, this is a place where customers are in offices all the time.  We are not saying that the customers are going to notice the binders changed but look at the change it makes in the professionalism, feel and style of this one shelf.

First, the office before. vinyl binders, handwritten spines.

Design Don'ts:  office with vinyl binders - Naked Binder

And, the office with recycled, awesome Classic Binders.

Office Design : Office with recycled binders - Naked Binder

Which office would you want to work in? And which would you want your customers to come into?

The office will no longer have issues with binders covers falling off (a big issue there), which means these binder will save them a lot of money over the years also.

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