Organizing CD and DVDs in a recycled 3-ring binder

If you have ever been at a loss for how to make your apartment or house look better, stylish and more comfortable, Apartment Therapy is the place for you. They have tips on cool ways of redoing everything from a dorm room to a kitchen.  And they know how to keep costs low, so it isn’t so out of reach that you could never even think about it.

So on my daily perusing of interesting things I stumbled on this article on organizing CD and DVDs in a standard binder.  I couldn’t help noticing that the standard binder is an Eames Binder, a 100% recycled and recyclable bit of awesomeness.

The article by Carolyn Purnell, is a tutorial on finding a nicer, more searchable and user friendly way of storing all of your CDs and DVDs.  Sure I am a dinosaur and I have LPs lying around too, but I sure do have a lot of CDs next to them.

Check out the article – we have a small bit for you here!

CarolynBindersBeforeandAfter021613.jpgI have a fairly extensive DVD collection, and for years I’ve been keeping my discs in storage binders. While it’s a fairly practical storage solution, the binders have always irked me. On top of having zippers that get easily stuck, they’re bulky, unattractive, and too deep for a normal bookshelf, and since I like having my DVDs near at hand, I didn’t want to tuck them away in a cabinet somewhere. Follow along for my solution and the how-to.My method involved discarding most of the inserts for my DVDs, but if you’re attached to them, or if you have a tendency to resell DVDs, then I’ll also include a tip that will let you to keep those inserts near and dear. Again, the link to the whole article is here!

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