BPAs cause obesity?

A new study was done on children to see if BPAs are the cause of childhood obesity:

This study does not prove this connection, in fact some questions might be raised as to whether fast food packaged in BPA filled containers is causing both the obesity and the high levels of BPA or BPA is causing obesity.

There are concerns though and further testing is being done.  In animal testing BPA’s disrupting of metabolism can aid obesity and help make fat cells larger. This tied with new tests on humans, suggests there may be a connection.

Here are some links that may help understand what the study said:


Fox News


Remember, this stuff is not just in cans.  It exists in a huge range of products from vinyl binders to cars.

Stay informed.  Whether you are protecting your kids, your self or those around you, it pays to know what possible issues you can have with these products.

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