How to make your binder rings last longer

Naked Binder has made the strongest binder in the world. So what about binder rings? IS there any way to make those last longer especially with kids?

Strongest binder in the world

The weakest point on a vinyl or cardboard binder is the cover hinge.  Those puppies separate faster than two positively charged magnets. Naked Binder has solved that problem for you by redesigning how binders are made – guaranteeing that the binder cover will not separate.

So that brings us to the second weakest point on a binder – the rings. The rings bend and paper starts to catch or fall out.


Why do rings bend?

reason 1.  They bend when you grab the rings and pull them out to open your binder.

reason 2.  They bend when your binder is full of paper and you drop the binder or a binder is overstuffed. The weight of the paper can pull them open.

reason 3. You have kids who use the binder as third base/ to throw at friends/ to pound nails


So we can’t do anything about reason 3. Sorry.

Reason 2 – we have ideas for this.  Kids carry a lot of paper, but don’t need to have it all with them all the time.  A binder that is so stuffed is going to lose paper. Also, lets face it, backpacks get tossed, thrown and other side whacked into things.  A sudden stopping of 3-5 pounds of paper puts enormous pressure on a ring.  Have your child calculate the force on the rings.

One answer would be to have a binder at home. A large binder.  Transfer all paper that is not necessary to the work that is going on now.  The resulting lighter binder has much less chance of bending the rings, and when used to test a catapult, will not lose a year of paper, but maybe a weeks worth.

Also, this could result in good organizational habits. Better habits…possibly…

Grabbing the rings to open a binder. There are options to this, but hardly anyone uses them.  On the ends of our rings are what they call boosters.  If you open your binder with these, the rings will not bend. If you don’t, you just have to be careful how much force you use. Tell that to your 12-year-old.  I am sure it will stick.

What I am getting at is most ring damage is self-inflicted, but there are ways around it. Even the strongest rings (like the ones on our 2″ and 2.5″ d-ring binders) can be bent. But, with a little gentle persuasion, you may be able to have your little loved ones binders last a LOT longer.

2 thoughts on “How to make your binder rings last longer

  1. what to do about ink transfer from the document in folder AFTER it is already done. Papers seem to release the toner, ink, or typewriter ink (old documents) onto the folder. Then from folder to the next document if folder is reused. Is there a fix to this or just throw away old binders?

    • Hello R,

      I am guessing you are using vinyl clearvue binders. Unfortunately, ink will transfer to the vinyl and there is not way to get that off. If you are getting ink transfer on a Naked Binder, we have never had that issue here (and i have some of the prototype binders that predate the company!). If you have super high humidity or the papers/ink are damp, you may get some issues there, but otherwise it should not be an issue.

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