Organizing for a better space to work

Creating a better workspace involves a mix of practicality, design and creativity to insure that you not only work well, but think well too.

Lets face it, most jobs are not just repetition of the same thing all day.  These days, most jobs involve multi tasking, thinking of your feet and being able to find everything quickly.  If you run your own business, you probably spend more time at work than anything else you do.

So perhaps a little attention to the space you work, create, live and labor in is in order.

If you are like me, you secretly covet those amazing space that you see in magazines and on-line.  Clean, beautiful, well thought out with lots of natural light, wood and clean lines.  In my case, with nice art too.  But I can’t afford an upgrade quite like that.

What I can do are the little things.  I have a nice desk I use that I can write on with chalk.  I find this incredibly useful when trying to map out future projects.  I need space so I have created simple but useful desks and workspaces.  Where I fail is being super organized.

And so, my big confession:

I stack paper and things.

I can’t help it. I have tried to sit and put it all away, but really in a creative project it is useful to have that all visible. So, what to do?

Understanding my own issues, I have been trying to compromise with need for stimulation on a project and my need to have clear space.  I am forcing myself to organize my past stacks (and stuff that may be interesting in the future) to create room for current project stacks. And yes, I am doing this with 3-ring binders.  Lets face it they work.  I work at Naked Binder so I use those.  I prefer a non-toxic binder that will last.  Who knows who will come and want to go through my archives in 30 years?  Maybe I will be famous.  I know these will hold up.  The color coding and quick labeling help me locate information quickly and don’t look horrible on a shelf. It perks up that corner of the room a bit.

I am not going to break my habits of stacking, but I can keep it under control to make my work space a lot easier to work in for everything I need to do!

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