Not just a great recycled 3 ring binder – compostable too!

Sure we sell recycled 3-ring binders.  But are they compostable?

At Naked Binder, we test our binders. From having them flexed 250,000 times (strongest binder in the world), to running the binders through the dishwasher (it was fine once we dried it out) to composting a binder.

Last year I took an old binder – a bit dinged and stained from me spilling coffee on it and put it in my compost pile. Months later when I turned the compost pile I found that the Naked Binder board is compostable.  Took me a while to figure out what happened to it, but I found some scraps of it.  The scraps were falling apart and the rest was… compost!

Currently, that dirt formerly know as a binder is scattered throughout my garden, waiting for another chance to grow veggies.

So one other thing you can do with your Naked Binder if you aren’t near a recycling bin or your city doesn’t offer that service, feel free to toss it in the compost bin. Lets the worms work it out!

Eco Friendly, recycled 3-ring binder - Naked Binder

If you don’t compost, you should!  Food waste accounts for a huge amount of the “garbage” we send off to landfill, but it makes fantastic soil in a short amount of time.  We get no smell from our composter at all.  I have two going now to accommodate all of my yard waste (some of the shrub trimmings take longer so they have their own box now).

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