Why move to a paper board binder over vinyl for your business?

Paper board binders are recycled and recyclable but you are used to vinyl.  Why would you switch over?

Lets forget about the toxicity of vinyl, lets look at what you get besides those factors. Lets look at the functional differences.

First off, a Naked Binder will not fall apart.

If you have ever used  a vinyl binder for any length of time, you will notice the cover breaking off. The hinge of a vinyl binder is a small heat sealed bit of vinyl and, well, they fall apart.

Naked Binder makes all of our 3-ring binders from a single piece of 110pt binders board (think strong hardcover book).  We press the hinge directly into the board so there are no weak spots. It will not break.


The best way here is a visual.


Does anyone at all ever use your office space?  why would you subject them to the vinyl binders?

Customizing your binder.

With a vinyl binder, you can get a view finder binder and slip a printed sheet into it which in essence gives you a custom binder.  This works pretty well for a time. The inks will transfer to the vinyl causing a bit of double vision over time.

You can not do that with a Naked Binder.  But you can label it, screen it, die cut it and even laser etch it. More choices that look more professional.

Murillo Design 3architect-with-label

So why switch from vinyl to a paper board binder?

For the same money you get a binder that looks better, works better, lasts longer and is more versatile.  I would say that is a good choice.

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