The All New Project Binder – faster, stronger, better

Well Naked Binder is adding a new 3-ring binder to the mix.

The NEW Project Binder.  Three colors, flush cut and all paper.

Why the new project binder?  We found that some of the recyclers around the country were not recycling the book cloth we put on our binders.

That made us think. And get mad.  Why not?  So we decided to find a way to make sure that no one could get away with not recycling it.

This binder is made from our 100% post consumer waste board covered in recycled content paper.  It is trimmed to size leaving the edges bare (board) – this is called flush cut.

We picked three colors to start out – black, a rich blue and a deep red.  The blue and red have an off white end leaf liner inside, the black is black inside and out. These binders are just as strong as all Naked Binders so they will last.

Whether you are organizing your office, setting up a big meeting, sending proposals or putting together a conference, the new Project Binder is going to be a hit.

New Project Binder black - topview

Black over black with bare board edges – this 3-ring binder is the perfect canvas for all of your custom binder needs.


The new project Binder – a 3-ring binder that is recycled and recyclable – perfect for a proposal binder, conferences and any where you need a binder!


Flush cut edges, off white liner and lapis blue paper wrap. a completely recyclable 3-ring binder.

The New Project Binder – recycled, sustainable, strong and good looking. Office supplies may just get cool again.

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