Choosing How to Customize a 3-ring Binder

There are a lot of options for customizing your 3-ring binder from labeling as you need them to having printed binders made. What you need depends on how you use them.

Lets assume you need to customize your binders. How to proceed depends on how many you need.

Ask your self some questions –

  • Are the binders I need the same size?
  • Do they all need to have the same information?
  • What kind of look/branding am I trying to portray?

If you want a classier look, vinyl binders are out.  They fall apart, they are toxic and they look like you are in third grade.

Short and varied binder runs:

Naked Binder - bare board binder with label

If you need a range of sizes and information, your best bet is designing amazing labels and putting them on yourself. This method has been used by everyone from huge architectural firm proposals to teachers applying for tenure with great success. Other options are temporary tattoos which look great and hold well to the bare board binders, laser etching (for those with larger budgets), custom die cuts and silk screening.

For these binders, check out Naked Binders lines of binders.  We have one to fit any style.

Bigger multiples of binders:

short run printed binders - corporate Image

If you need more than 50 3-ring binders that are the same size and with the same information, perhaps it may be easier to get a printed binder.  There is a great option of a digitally printed spine wrap over either bare board or a black paper cased binder that is economical and really eye-catching.

These are great for larger proposal binders, conference and meeting binders or presentation binders.  They are 100% recyclable. More information here.

Larger run binders:

printed 3-ring binder - Corporate Image

Once you need runs of 500 binders or

more getting a printed binder is actually cheaper and gives you a lot more options. Once you go to the offset press, it costs the same to have a printed cover and liner as it does to just print the cover, so you have twice the design real estate.

If you are putting together a large conference,  a company wide information binder or need to get your product specs out to a lot of people in a way that both protects and promotes, a custom printed binder is the way to go.  More here on options.

Naked Binder and Corporate Image are sister companies working together to get you what you need when you need it.  Naked Binder has a set line of binders that can ship same day for those rush projects, while Corporate Image specializes in custom printed 3-ring binders, folders, boxes and just about anything you can design!

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