The new project binder – a flush cut binder

So you are asking yourself – a flush cut binder?

These recycled and recyclable binders are covered in paper, but on the edges the binder board shows through.

a eco friendly recycled binderThe bare edges make it possible to have a 100% paper binder.  If we cased the binder (like a hardcover book) we would have to either laminate the binder (nooooo!) or use cloth.  When the paper is folded over the edges, the pressure of closing the binder is so great the paper will burst unless reinforced.

In our quest to make a more eco-friendly binder, the bare edge flush cut binder allowed us to create a binder that is fully covered inside and out, but still 100% recyclable everywhere. Elegant, elemental and so eco friendly it is compostable (well, not the rings).

The new project binder – combining good looks and values with deep roots. (click the photo for a closer look).

Now with a 25% introductory offer!  Check them out now!

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