A new, better Proposal Binder

What binder you put your proposal in may be more important than you think.

Naked Binder's New Project BinderA few things set your proposal apart from everyone else. The most important should be content.  Lets face it, you are a genius and not to pick your proposal is insane. But…

I have served on a number of boards and panels and, sadly, the reality is that perception is key.  Does your proposal stand out in a good way?  Is it professional? I may read 150 proposals, but some stand out even before I open them.

If I already have a ‘good feeling’ about a project before I read it, it has a better chance of making it to the second or third cut where the merits of each proposal become paramount.  Think about it, if someone is skimming your proposal after looking at 120 proposals, you had better believe that you want to make a good first impression.

Assuming you are using a 3-ring binder, make it something clean, neat, a little interesting and recyclable (the organization you are applying to may have to get rid of a lot of these – make it easy).

The Naked Binder New Project Binder works well for all of these criteria (which is why we made it!).  It is a binder that is easy to customize with a label, looks great, is strong, non-toxic and 100% recyclable. This can help get past the initial hurdles so people can concentrate on the genius of your proposal.

Check out the New Project Binder here!

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