Custom Binders – How your print can connect with your digital content

In this day and age, how your print pieces interact with your digital content can help you combine the immediacy and intimacy of beautiful print piece with the information, info graphics and moving content of your digital. Print is proven to reach people – it affects them in a different way than digital information and has a […]

Art Friday! Joe Goode Performance Group

Back again with my infrequent Art Friday posts. Today the Joe Goode Performance Group. Why them? Joe Goode is a story teller making incredible work in the San Francisco Bay Area.  His work is a mix of beautiful contemporary modern and release technique dance merged with speaking and voice.  The merge of dance with spoken […]

Information on Vinyls, Dioxins and more

Naked Binder has worked hard to make 3-ring binders that are stronger, better looking and non-toxic. All this fuss and bother over a few 3-ring binders? Well, yes. In the US alone there are 40-60 million 3-ring binders sold and most of them are vinyl. Vinyl is cheap in many ways, but the hidden costs […]

Eco Friendly Recycled 3-Ring Binders?

Most people haven’t heard about an eco-friendly 3-ring binder.  Why bother? You may only use a few binders a year, but that adds up to 40-60 million 3-ring binders sold in the US alone every year.  The vast majority of these are made from vinyl. So what is wrong with that? A lot. Those 40 […]

Customizing 3-Ring Proposal Binders

Making your proposal professional and having it stand out may be one of the hardest balancing acts. Naked Binder’s new series of binders the New Project Binder, may be simpler than the Classic and the old Project Binder, but they offer a number of great features that make them even more versatile. Awesome proposal binder feature […]

Guide To BPAs

Welcome to the wonders of social media!  I found this forwarded via facebook by a friend via a long chain of people I don’t know.  Love that. Environmental Working Groups has a new guide on BPAs – what they are, how to avoid them. For Example: What are its health risks? BPA is a synthetic […]