Customizing 3-Ring Proposal Binders

Making your proposal professional and having it stand out may be one of the hardest balancing acts.

Naked Binder’s new series of binders the New Project Binder, may be simpler than the Classic and the old Project Binder, but they offer a number of great features that make them even more versatile.

Awesome proposal binder feature #1Custom Proposal binders

No cloth spine wrap means that any label will stick anywhere on the binder.  This allows you to use long thin labels that cross the entire binder either vertically or horizontally, wrap to the inside or anything else you can imagine.

Awesome proposal binder feature #2

Most people will submit their proposals in 3-ring binders that are vinyl.  This means that the agency looking at your proposal has to figure out some way to get rid of it.  As we know, recycling a vinyl binder is not easy.

Beautiful Proposal bindersAwesome proposal binder feature #3

Naked Binders are unique.  While we have been endlessly copied, the craftsmanship, materials and quality of our binders stands out. No one has been able to copy that.

Let your proposal stand out from the crowd.  Check out the New Project Binder.

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