Information on Vinyls, Dioxins and more

Naked Binder has worked hard to make 3-ring binders that are stronger, better looking and non-toxic.

All this fuss and bother over a few 3-ring binders?

Well, yes. In the US alone there are 40-60 million 3-ring binders sold and most of them are vinyl.

Vinyl is cheap in many ways, but the hidden costs to businesses that use vinyl binders in health, recycling issues, breakage end up costing much more than more eco-friendly alternatives.

Cheap is nice, but the creation, use and end of life issues of vinyl are not considered in the price you pay for a $5 vinyl binder.  If you count Superfund sites, hazardous waste dumps and health issues with dioxins and PVC the cost is considerably higher.  You are paying for the clean up, storage and health issues in real terms already, so learn more and help protect yourself.

We have compiled  information and sources of more information on Vinyl , Dioxins, types of vinyl and the (non) recyclability of consumer vinyl here.

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