The Best Recycled, Eco Friendly 3-Ring Binders

At Naked Binder we talk a lot about how strong our binders are, how recyclable and the recycled materials we use and how other people make their binders and, to us at least it seems that we have made the best recycled eco-friendly 3-ring binders! Why we think that is what I hope to cover […]

Get the information you need to Bike to work in style

If you are biking to work or want to start get the information you need. First off, don’t ride this particular huge bike.  You may get knocked off at bridges. There may be better ways. Greenschoolandoffice has a new blog on where to find the information you need to get on a bike and get commuting. […]

Enter the Recycled, Eco Green Binder

recycled, eco, green binders. That is a lot of adjective for one line of binders, but Naked Binder lives up to it. Recycled Binders There is no reason to buy a non-recyclable binder anymore.  That leaves your average vinyl binder a bit out of touch. Naked Binders are 100% recyclable.  Made of 100% recycled post […]

a Room of Rain

The Rain Room by  rAndom International. In NYC’s new Rain Room at MOMA designed by rAndom International, you can walk out into the room and have it stop raining where you are walking.  Haven’t you dreamed of walking around in a torrential storm but staying dry?  Be like being in a movie… Choreographer Wayne McGregor did […]

A Very Cool Portable Solar Charger Idea

Perhaps the solar power of the future – portable and plug in panels you can use anywhere. Plug into the window?  How awesome would it be to recharge your devices by using the light from your window? Pretty awesome. This charger acts as a battery also storing up 10 hours of charging time after 5-8 […]

Naked Binder Sale!

A day both sad and wonderful, Naked Binder is having a sale on discontinued Project and Classic Binder lines! Until May 3rd at 5PM Central Time, you can get 30% off of the best, strongest and eco friendly 3-ring binders ever! This is the last of the old Project Binders and Classic binders so act […]