Enter the Recycled, Eco Green Binder

recycled, eco, green binders.

That is a lot of adjective for one line of binders, but Naked Binder lives up to it.

Recycled Binders

There is no reason to buy a non-recyclable binder anymore.  That leaves your average vinyl binder a bit out of touch.

Naked Binders are 100% recyclable.  Made of 100% recycled post consumer waste board a metal ring and paper, these binders are made specifically to be easily and quickly recycled.

Eco, Green Binders

In reality, this means nothing. Not a thing. Any binder can claim to be an eco binder, or a green binder. People do talk about it, though so we decided to define it for ourselves.

Long lasting.  A 3-ring binder should hold up to wear and tear.  We tested our Naked Binder to 250,000 flexes (opening and closings) without fail.  No other binder on the market can do that.

The bulk of our binders is a 100% FSC certified post consumer waste paper board. No trees are cut down, no shrubs harmed in the making of our binders.  This saves water, trees, air pollution and waste from going into landfill.

Non- toxic. We have no phthalates (tested and certified free), no PVC, no plastics, no nothing. That vinyl binder? toxic. very.

Because our binders are recycled material and recyclable, they are the closest you can get to a closed circle in the binder world – that is to say recycled material becomes binder, gets recycled, becomes binder…. We are not cradle to cradle yet, but very very close.

Labels like eco, green and natural have no legal definition, so when you hear them you need to know how they are defined.  Naked Binder takes them seriously, so we know what we are doing to keep our commitment to ourselves and to you.

That is why we can say with pride that we make a recycled, recyclable, eco friendly green binder.

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