Really Cool Wind Turbine Design

While this may not be something you have around the house anytime soon it is kind of a great idea.  When you see a traditional wind turbines, they are huge and can be seen for miles all around.  It is kind of pretty if you are just driving through, but it might be different if you live there.

On the other hand, Wind power makes a lot of sense. So check out the Makani Airborne Wind Turbine.

Founded in 2006 to more efficiently harness the power of the wind, and its airborne wind turbine seems to be an excellent solution for making wind farms cheaper and more effective. As well as really cool.

The wind turbine is a wing, that looks a wee bit like a model airplane, tethered to the ground; it flies in patterns where the wind is stronger and more consistent, and it uses 90 percent less material than a conventional wind turbine. This style of turbine can also access wind at higher altitudes and above deep water, making it an option for developing offshore wind farms.

Will you have one of these to help green your office? I don’t know, but how cool would that be?  You would never get the employees inside again – they would all be out checking out the cool wing flying overhead.

Check out Makani Power here and also Green Building and Design Magazine where we heard about them, here.

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