Wood Free Paper – coming soon

Step Forward Paper – moving toward a 100% wheat straw paper Wood free paper may be a way to stop cutting down our forests and yet continue being able to print out our documents, write letters and anything else you use paper for. And how much paper do we use? “71 percent of the world’s […]

A Flush Cut 3-ring Binder – what is it?

As you know by now, Naked Binder has changed their line of recycled binders.  The new binders are flush cut binders – paper and  100% recycled post consumer waste board. So what is a Flush cut Binder? Glad you asked. A Flush cut on a binder means that the edge of the board is visible. […]

Paper Art – An artist creates amazing pop up architecture

The art of Ingrid Siliakus is beautiful, fragile and awe inspiring. If you are me, scissors are not your friends, especially if you need to cut a straight line. All of this is done with an X-acto knife and a steady hand. Using only a sharp X-acto knife, the artist carves away at both loose leaf paper […]

Passively Cool.

Not just the latest in hipster chic, passive cooling can save you big on air conditioning.  What if you used no air conditioning?  How much would you save every year? For me, this year not so much, it has been crazy cool so far, but last year was a year of drought and heat.  finding […]