Passively Cool.

Not just the latest in hipster chic, passive cooling can save you big on air conditioning.  What if you used no air conditioning?  How much would you save every year?

For me, this year not so much, it has been crazy cool so far, but last year was a year of drought and heat.  finding ways to offset those bills would have made me pretty happy. Also, the idea of designing your house to not need so much mechanical cooling and heating just makes a lot of sense.

This from Houzz

Using the sun to light a home is one strategy; others worth considering include passive cooling and ventilation. Living without air conditioning is unimaginable for many people, but given the right design, planning and house orientation, it should be possible to live without the need for mechanical cooling by:

  • Cutting down on direct sunlight in warm months
  • Drawing warm air out of the interior
  • Tightening the envelope to keep heat from infiltrating
  • Designing spaces that keep the air cool in the “occupied zone” “

Check out the article and start planning ways to convert your home to passive cooling!  I have already started (in my mind) to figure out ways to start.

Passive cool.  Maybe it is the new hip thing.

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