A Flush Cut 3-ring Binder – what is it?

As you know by now, Naked Binder has changed their line of recycled binders.  The new binders are flush cut binders – paper and  100% recycled post consumer waste board.

So what is a Flush cut Binder?

Glad you asked.

A Flush cut on a binder means that the edge of the board is visible.

New Project Binder black - topviewEven if you get the New Project Binder in black, there is still a strip of  the recycled binders board on the edge.

This does two things for you.

First, it allows us to make our binders with out lamination, vinyl, plastics or cloth, making the whole of Naked Binder’s line 100% easily recyclable EVERYWHERE.

Some recycling centers were skimming the cotton cloth out and putting it in landfill, which we didn’t appreciate.

Naked Binder's New Project Binder

Secondly, it gives a unique look to you binder, setting it apart from vinyl and plastic 3-ring binders.  This means your proposal, your board of director notes, your conference information will stand out from the crowd.  People will notice, admire your presentation knowing you care right down to the smallest details.

Check the flush cut New Project Binder our here!

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