Wood Free Paper – coming soon

Step Forward Paper – moving toward a 100% wheat straw paper

Wood free paper may be a way to stop cutting down our forests and yet continue being able to print out our documents, write letters and anything else you use paper for. And how much paper do we use?

“71 percent of the world’s paper supply comes from bio-diverse forests. A single issue of the NY Times Sunday edition is said to require 63,000 trees.”

I was reading Triple Pundit’s article Woody Harrelson’s New Wheat-based Paper Takes Trees Out of the Equation . What struck me, besides the star power behind the product which I often think is a double edged sword, is the commitment to taking the mill to be off the grid also.

There are a number of paper mills using greener energy sources (Neenah comes to mind) so it will be interesting to see if Step Forward paper will partner with a current mill or move to build a new one that is easier to convert to a 100% renewable energy grid.

In any case, I think this is a great step forward for our forests and better use our the waste we currently generate.

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