What is the Most Eco Friendly 3-ring Binder?

There are a lot of claims about which 3-ring binder is the greenest, most recyclable, most sustainable. When vinyl companies are claiming vinyl binders are eco-friendly because they use a recycled board inside the panels of the binder, things have gotten out of hand. So what is the most eco friendly 3-ring binder? 1. Bare […]

Who is Going Green? NPR!

NPR is moving into a new LEED Gold Headquarters A landmark-status 1920’s warehouse was renovated and an adjoining new, 7-story building developed to create a 440,000-square-foot LEED-Gold certified headquarters that accommodates a staff of more than 700. What does this mean?  If you work for NPR you will have less energy use, better air quality, […]

Recycled Tab Dividers Are Back

The 100% post consumer waste Conservation paper tab dividers are making a comeback! Now whether you want to have a set of simple environmentally friendly tab dividers, or what to get crazy with them, our conservation paper tab dividers are here for you!  These tab dividers can be printed on through most printers.  We have […]

Naked Binder at the White House!

Luxr, a company that helps you succeed as an entrepreneur has taken Naked Binders to the White House for their innovation boot-camp training sessions next week!  They were interested in sustainable, made in the USA, recyclable and strong binders and that is what Naked Binder does! We feel all giddy even if we don’t get […]

Customizing a Naked Bare Board Binder – What are the options?

You found a great eco friendly, recycled binder. Now you want to make that binder yours – either for your company, a big proposal, board meeting or school. Sometimes you don’t need a lot of 3-ring binders, but they have to look great. So what are your options? Foil Stamping. A bare board binder takes […]

Slate-ish – a paper based alternative to slate and tile

OK, this is a bit of awesome.  Slate-ish takes trimmings from manufacturers who work with paper laminates (countertops, skateboard ramps, cutting boards…) and turns them into what looks like slate tiles. With different tile shapes and colors, this is a great option for that splash guard or wall you haven’t figured out yet. Tiles are […]