Customizing a Naked Bare Board Binder – What are the options?

You found a great eco friendly, recycled binder. Now you want to make that binder yours – either for your company, a big proposal, board meeting or school.

Sometimes you don’t need a lot of 3-ring binders, but they have to look great. So what are your options?

Foil Stamping.

A bare board binder takes foil like a duck to water.  Color stands out on the recycled board of the binder.  One thought though for those of you hoping to just do a blind deboss (pressing text or an image into the board without any color).  A blind deboss is veeeeeeeeeery subtle, I would recommend a bit of tinted foil to help it stand out.

Who would you talk to? If I were me, I would go to Corporate Image, they are our sister company and so have done a lot of foil on bare board.  Go to the experts!

Laser Etching

Seriously cool.  A laser carves into the surface of the binder giving you amazing precision for whatever design you might want.  You can’t add color with this, but you can get very intricate.

Screen Printing

AIGA Iowa had a screen printing workshop and we donated some binders for them to play with.  It works remarkably well both on the paper covered binders (New Project Binders) or the bare board binders (Naked)


You can do amazing things with labels on a 3-ring binder.  Some of our largest engineering clients use creative labels for billion dollar proposal binders. We always have fun with them here:

Custom Proposal bindersDraw  or Paint Directly on the Binder

Why not?  These eco friendly binders are just post consumer waste paper.  A bare board binder is a canvas for you to work your magic.  Go crazy!

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