What is the Most Eco Friendly 3-ring Binder?

There are a lot of claims about which 3-ring binder is the greenest, most recyclable, most sustainable.

When vinyl companies are claiming vinyl binders are eco-friendly because they use a recycled board inside the panels of the binder, things have gotten out of hand.

So what is the most eco friendly 3-ring binder?

1. Bare Board Binders.

Naked_Hero_01You really can’t beat a bare board binder for overall points in the eco friendly field.

These binders are made from 100% FSC certified post consumer waste board.  They are super strong (we tested them to 250,000 flexes and they were fine.

They take the least manufacturing (less energy, less waste) and they are 100% recycled and recyclable. Now that is an eco friendly binder.

2. Flush Cut 3-ring Binders.

This is a new term for most people, and best illustrated by a photo.


A Flush Cut binder is completely paper binder – to do this and ensure the hinges of the binder wont tear, we trim the edges of the binders so the bare board shows through.

This look is new to people, but provides all the color and good looks while keeping the eco friendly, sustainable binder thing going.

Naked Binder uses FSC certified 100% post consumer waste board as the core and then wrap that in Ecological Fibers rainbow line which is also FSC certified, acid free, and the paper is also carbon-free, archival and lignin-free.

Environmental Benefits of Flush Cut binders:

  • These binders are 100% recyclable everywhere
  • A Flush Cut binders requires very little processing to make (no plastics, vinyls and much less waste)
  • No toxic waste from manufacturing
  • No landfill waste from manufacturing or using the binders.
  • Our binders are made in the US, and so have a smaller footprint for traveling than other binders which are mostly made in Asia.

3.  We have trouble recommending other binders. Vinyl: never.  Some plastic binders are recyclable but create a lot of waste to make and ship from Asia.  Cardboard binders are so fragile they have a very short useful life.

This is why we set out to make Naked Binder.  To make the most sustainable, eco friendly 3 ring binders and, well, we have succeeded!

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