Deja Shoe: Sutainable Sandals

So this seemed like too good a story to pass up. In 1991 Julie Lewis started Deja Shoe, making shoes with recycled and sustainable materials. She was donating 5% of profits to conservation non-profits waaaaaay before it was cool. I love the long history of doing the right thing. There has been an 18 year […]

Sustainable Living: Making a tiny space work

We at Naked Binder love sustainable things – from binders to gardens to living spaces.  When we saw this 215 sq ft apartment, we thought – Hey! Living small can be so great! Having lived with my wife and child in 600 square feet, I understand the beauty of concise spaces and organizing your home. […]

Eco Friendly, Recycled Pocket Folders

Vinyl and plastic pocket folders are slightly cheaper than eco friendly, recycled folders, but lets look at the big picture. They are Beautiful Natural, elemental and well designed for long life, our pocket folders have the best of what you want in a pocket folder. Whether you are using them for proposals, board meetings, art […]

Interesting and Scary: Giant Oarfish indicate an Earthquake?

Now I lived in California for years and was rattled a bit here and there by earthquakes.  I have a general respect for them. I have also heard a lot of stories.  If you live there, you know what ‘Earthquake weather’ is, the color of the sky can let you know, your dog acting nuts….  […]

Win with a recycled 3-ring Binder

When you are putting together a proposal or notes for a meeting or organizing your papers a little thought into what 3-ring binder you are picking now can make a world of difference later. Things to consider with 3-ring binders. Will my binder last? As we all know from years of school and work, vinyl […]

Preparing the Garden for Winter

We are all getting ready for winter. Some of us are actually mulching the garden, pruning, preparing the soil for next year, harvesting the last fruits of our gardens and putting them up for eating in the darker days of winter. Those who do not have gardens are doing the same, either to our homes […]

Halloween Binder Ideas (or for other things…)

Halloween is coming up and it is time for the annual dressing of the 3-ring binders that is so popular around the world… Wait, well it could be.  It is fun. A temporary tattoo can dress up your binder to make what is seemingly an ordinary (if extraordinary) Naked Binder to a custom binder that […]

How to Open A Ring Binder

As ubiquitous as they are, how to open a ring binder still seems like a mystery. The first thing most people do is grab the center ring and yank the rings open.  This certainly works and in some cases is the only way. At issue here are the forces acting on one ring of the […]

The Return of the Recycled Pocket Folders!

Now the most eco-friendly, recycled and recyclable pocket folders are back online! We searched for a new supplier and we found one that was up to our standards. Now we are back online and have some beautiful pocket folders for you! Green your office, home or school while you organize by switching to a recycled, […]