The Return of the Recycled Pocket Folders!

Now the most eco-friendly, recycled and recyclable pocket folders are back online!

We searched for a new supplier and we found one that was up to our standards. Now we are back online and have some beautiful pocket folders for you! Green your office, home or school while you organize by switching to a recycled, recyclable and eco friendly pocket folder!

recycled, recyclable 3-ring binder pockets - Naked Binder

Binder pocket / pouches

Clip recyclable pockets into your 3 ring binder for holding extra paper or your I-pad.

Easy, beautiful and recyclable, these binder pockets are a great for meetings, conferences and anytime you have variable information and handouts (catalogs?).

Unlike a vinyl pocket, these will not rip open and dump your stuff on the floor.

It has a CD holder in the front that is innocuous if you are not using it. Also good fro brochures!

Recyclable eco friendly Two Pocket Folder - Naked Binder

The 2 Pocket Folder

Elegant, elemental and oh so eco friendly, this 2- pocket folder will make you proud.

Recycled, recyclable with no plastics, vinyls, this may be the most environmentally friendly 2- pocket folder you can get!

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