Halloween Binder Ideas (or for other things…)

Halloween is coming up and it is time for the annual dressing of the 3-ring binders that is so popular around the world…

Wait, well it could be.  It is fun.

Temporary-Tattly Tattoo binder A temporary tattoo can dress up your binder to make what is seemingly an ordinary (if extraordinary) Naked Binder to a custom binder that stands out at home, in the office or at school.

At Naked Binder, we are serious about our coffee so we went with coffee tattoos, but since halloween is coming, get a whole bunch of tattoos and customize your binder for the holiday!

Tattly has the coolest temporary tattoos we have found AND they have a Halloween series (tattlyween!)

Get to work and send us photos!  We want to see what you did!  Also, what you don’t use you can give out to the kids at Halloween, which is much better for them than more sugar.

Time to customize the binder for Halloween…

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