Win with a recycled 3-ring Binder

Strongest binder in the world

When you are putting together a proposal or notes for a meeting or organizing your papers a little thought into what 3-ring binder you are picking now can make a world of difference later.

Things to consider with 3-ring binders.

Will my binder last?

As we all know from years of school and work, vinyl binders fall apart.  The hinge is made of a tiny portion of vinyl that has to flex every time you open your binder. It will last as long as you can duct tape it together. Not classy.

Cardboard? Just think about it for a moment.

The Naked Binder binders are made with one piece of board – no weak points.  The hinge is pressed into the board so we can guarantee it will not fail.  We had a 3-ring binder flexed 250,000 times and it still worked.

Worried about the rain? We ran our bare board binder through the dishwasher. It is still in use.

Will it off gas?

Vinyl will, does and never stops.  What that means is that the air in your office, school or home is just a little bit worse and a little bit more poisonous.

The recycled board and papers we use are non-toxic and non off gassing.

What can I do with it when I am done with it?

Vinyl? Landfill. While technically recyclable, no one will or does recycle vinyl binders.

Naked Binders?  100% recyclable. Put them back into the cycle to make something else (or even compost the binder – I have).

A 3-ring binder is a silly thing to have to replace and to be poisoned by.  Move up to a binder that will last so it costs you less and is non-toxic so you stay healthy.

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