Sustainable Living: Making a tiny space work

We at Naked Binder love sustainable things – from binders to gardens to living spaces.  When we saw this 215 sq ft apartment, we thought – Hey! Living small can be so great! Having lived with my wife and child in 600 square feet, I understand the beauty of concise spaces and organizing your home.

A beautiful but tiny apartment remodel

Spanish studio mycc converted a plain shoebox apartment into an incredible modern home that maximizes space. With a tiny floor plan and very neat interiors, the Minimalist Pad 100M3 measures a mere 215 sq ft (20 sqm), but has been cleverly designed with different level platforms to make for comfy quarters for one person.

Madrid-based mycc oficina de arquitectura created this minimal living space for living and working without compromising comfort —despite the tiny size. This resourceful apartment was planned as a longitudinal cube sectioned both horizontally and vertically into different levels platforms, each with a reason to be. Open, bright, and simple, this naturally lit dwelling shows how any space can be made comfortable and efficient with a little bit of creativity and good planning.

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