Organizing Papers? One step can help preserve your valuables.

If you are going to organize photos, papers, kids memorabilia, bills, artworks, your thoughts or anything else of value, taking one step can help preserve your valuables even longer. Organize your papers in acid neutral or acid free 3-ring binders. Why? Paper turns yellow and brittle when exposed to acid. You know those old paperbacks […]

Green Living – the constant and awesome struggle

You are working to make your life greener – smaller footprint in energy and waste, less ridiculous stuff, more local food… you know the ways. Ever feel like you can never get ahead of that game? Like no matter what you do you still are losing the good fight? Yup. Guess what?  You are going […]

Half Sheet Notebook Binders – less room, great organizing

I have a lot of paper. Back when I was young and mobile, this paper would be taken care of when I moved. If it didn’t fit in the car, it got recycled. Now I am older, less mobile and have to keep better records, I need to find ways to organize that doesn’t monopolize […]

Tis the season to be as green as humanly possible…

This holiday season will see an enormous increase in waste and garbage. From paper, plastic and food in the US at least we will eat more, consume more and throw out more than any other time of the year. So how do we find a way to partake of the season, but not create a […]

Getting the Best Proposal Binders – what to look for

A proposal is a representation of you, your skills, knowledge and attention to detail.  What you put your proposal in matters. “The medium is the message”, famously penned by Marshal McLuan may not be the only word on whether you get read or not, but having read hundreds of proposals for the arts, I can […]

Parsons Transportation Group – um, that is amazing.

Sometimes we check out project that our architecture, engineering and construction clients are working on to see just how cool they are.  But this is kind of amazing.         Lions Gate Bridge Lions Gate Bridge – Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada The Lions Gate Bridge in British Columbia connects the city of Vancouver […]

Julia Morgan Receives AIA Gold Medal – ‘Bout Time! Yea!

2014 AIA Gold Medal Recipient Julia Morgan, FAIA | 2014 AIA Gold Medal Recipient By Zach Mortice, Managing Editor, AIArchitect The American Institute of Architects Board of Directors on Dec. 12 posthumously awarded the AIA Gold Medal to Julia Morgan, FAIA, the early 20th-century architect whose copious output of quality work secured her position as […]

What’s New? A Green, Eco Friendly 3-ring Binder.

Introducing….. A New Project Binder in Green! Now that is a nice binder. What makes it such and eco friendly binder? Made from 100% FSC certified post consumer waste board, 30% recycled paper.  This binder is 100% recyclable.  It is also made in the USA. Not only visually a green binder, but actually a green […]

very cool music – Playing Ice in Siberia

Interested as we are in nature and art, this blend of drumming and ice from Siberia seemed like something we should share. The impermanence of the medium and deep beautiful sounds of the ice seem to add that wonder back into the world. Enjoy! And remember, you aren’t going to discover these kinds of amazing […]