Getting the Best Proposal Binders – what to look for

A proposal is a representation of you, your skills, knowledge and attention to detail.  What you put your proposal in matters.

“The medium is the message”, famously penned by Marshal McLuan may not be the only word on whether you get read or not, but having read hundreds of proposals for the arts, I can guarantee that presentation matters.

A great proposal binder will convey your attention to detail, your sensibilities, your style. Whether you are proposing to build a LEED certified building or have a showing of your artworks, putting a proposal in a 3-ring binder that stand out for both environmental aspects and design can make a difference.

Naked Binders - bare board and beautiful

Your work is important.  Don’t lose opportunities because because you are not finishing the proposal.  Choose a 3-ring proposal binder with everything your proposal has: Style, great design and thought.

Get the best proposal binders - Naked BInderGo to

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