Parsons Transportation Group – um, that is amazing.

Sometimes we check out project that our architecture, engineering and construction clients are working on to see just how cool they are.  But this is kind of amazing.

        Lions Gate Bridge

Lions Gate Bridge, Vancouver, British Columbia

Lions Gate Bridge – Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

The Lions Gate Bridge in British Columbia connects the city of Vancouver to the north shore communities across the first narrows of Burrard Inlet. The suspension bridge, with a main span of 1,550 feet, was completed in 1938 and designed to carry two lanes of traffic. Faced with a serious deficiency in traffic capacity and with structural deterioration due to age and the elements, in 1999 the British Columbia Transportation Financing Authority elected to replace the suspended superstructure with a new, wider structure.

Parsons performed detailed construction engineering services for this complete rehabilitation. Elements replaced included the suspenders, stiffening trusses, and deck system. Because the nearest alternate crossing entailed a 3-hour detour, the owner required that traffic be maintained throughout the project duration, with only limited nighttime and weekend closures.

Cutting the truss chords of a main span segment.Cutting the truss chords of a main span segment.

To enable daytime traffic flow, the structure was replaced in segments. The stiffening trusses and roadway deck were removed in 64-foot-long sections weighing 120 tons each. Sections were cut free from the bridge and lowered to a barge below, then new prefabricated sections were hoisted into place and supported by adjustable extensions attached to the existing suspenders.

Read more here and congratulations Parsons on being kind of amazing.

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