Half Sheet Notebook Binders – less room, great organizing

I have a lot of paper.

Back when I was young and mobile, this paper would be taken care of when I moved. If it didn’t fit in the car, it got recycled. Now I am older, less mobile and have to keep better records, I need to find ways to organize that doesn’t monopolize all my shelves.

Enter the half sheet notebook binder.

smaller organization binder Organize bills, recipes, art work or ideas into small binders saving space, weight and paper. For ideas and recipes, a notebook binder makes them easier to carry for holidays and meetings which I like.

Bonus thought: I have an extra that I keep scrap paper in for the car so my child can draw and write on long drives. This has worked out nicely and also gives me paper in the car for when I need to write things down – leading  to some decidedly un-macho lists for the hardware store.

Check out the most eco friendly notebook binders around!

One thought on “Half Sheet Notebook Binders – less room, great organizing

  1. I have only one of these Notebook binders — so far… I will definitely be buying more of them. I have a lot of these half-sheet binders from other manufacturers – some from before the days of “eco-friendly”. I also have some very old planner binders for the “old days”. I am not hard on my binders, but they do become worn and begin to come apart. So, I am now at the point of needing to replace some of these. Going Vinyl is really not good, so I began looking for alternatives. There was nothing available that did not exceed my budget. Then a friend told me about Naked Binder and sent me one of the Notebook binder to try. I love this thing! The rings are just the right size, but I will also be getting the smaller Notebook binder with the blue spine for things needing less space. I am so tickled with this. I can make this ‘mine” by decorating it or simply label the spines. Now I am able to buy the items I need and benefit from the lower cost and from the aspect of not having to deal with vinyl anymore. I am now a fan of Naked products!

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