Green Living – the constant and awesome struggle

You are working to make your life greener – smaller footprint in energy and waste, less ridiculous stuff, more local food… you know the ways.

Ever feel like you can never get ahead of that game? Like no matter what you do you still are losing the good fight?


Guess what?  You are going to lose the green living fight.  Every plastic bag, every garbage can full of trash you wheel to the curb is a sign of your failure.

Right up until the moment you win.

You use less bags and carry your own more.  You generate half the trash you used to.  You grow more of your own food and use energy-efficient bulbs.  You insulated your home and you drive less.

Each one of those is a win.

Is there still more to do? Absolutely!  Ride your bike more and park the car. Compost more, be more careful about buying things wrapped in non-recyclable packaging, up-cycle more, eat less meat, grow more food! Move to a tiny house! Go off grid! Get solar!

You are awesome.  Every step toward a greener life is huge.  There is always more to do, and you will get there eventually. Not to be weird (is it too late?) but we all beat ourselves up too much and celebrate our success too little.

DO keep up the fight to use less but also make sure you acknowledge just how amazing what you are doing is. Changing your life is difficult and worthy.

Keep green and carry on!

This rant brought to you courtesy of coffee and a hundred conversations with people who care.

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