Organizing Papers? One step can help preserve your valuables.

If you are going to organize photos, papers, kids memorabilia, bills, artworks, your thoughts or anything else of value, taking one step can help preserve your valuables even longer.

Gett eh best proposal binders - Naked BInderOrganize your papers in acid neutral or acid free 3-ring binders.

Why? Paper turns yellow and brittle when exposed to acid. You know those old paperbacks that fall apart when you open them? Acidic papers. Some of your old photo books that have yellowed themselves and the photos? Acidic paper.

Acid neutral or acid free (people argue if they are the same, but either will work) papers and 3-ring binders will store your materials without harming them. This means your photos will still be clear, your art/poems/thoughts will be undimmed and your kids artworks will have the same chaotic joy that made you want to save them in the first place.

Where to get acid free 3-ring binders?  How important are these papers?  If you need to preserve them for posterity, try Archival Products and you can get proper sleeves and other preservation tools also. Naked Binders are also acid neutral as well as recycled and recyclable.

Protect your valuable papers! When you are taking the time to organize, get acid free 3-ring binders  so you are not ruining the things you are organizing!

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