Green Living: Seal up that drafty house!

If you don’t live in California or Hawaii in the U.S. you have noticed the freezing temperatures.

If your house is a bit drafty, you may want to do something about it before that next crazy cold spell hits. Grist’s Ask Umbra column had some nice tips especially for those who are renting and don’t want to invest a ton in someone else’s house.  These tips also work for those who own and don’t have ti,e/money to invest right now. An example:

How to best button that up? You’re right to zero in on the windows and doors – according to the Department of Energy (an excellent source for all things efficiency-related, by the way), window leaks account for 10 to 25 percent of your heating bill alone. Plastic wrap over the panes is a fine and affordable solution to block the drafts (just check with your landlord first, as the double-sided tape used to adhere the plastic can damage paint on the sills). You could also use caulk orweatherstripping to seal gaps in windows and doors. A more advanced step would be to install interior storm windows, likely with the support of your landlord.

No matter which window upgrade you choose, adding a set of heavy curtains can further insulate your home from the frosty landscape outside. On sunny days, keep ‘em open to capitalize on the free solar power.

Go seal up your house, but read the rest of the article here

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