How to Get Rid of a Vinyl Binder

Getting rid of a vinyl binder actually requires a bit of thought.

Vinyl is in essence a toxic substance and if you want to recycle your vinyl binder you have to do some work.

To recycle small amounts of vinyl binders:

The only parts of a vinyl binder that can be recycled are the rings and the paper board inside the covers and spine.  This requires you to pry the rings out (I recommend a flat, standard screwdriver – lay the binder flat and lever the ring out of the cover), which is not hard to do and then cut the vinyl open to get to that paperboard.

The rings go in the metal recycling bin, the board in the paper bin and the vinyl…

Well, the vinyl should go into a toxic waste dump, but in small amounts your garbage service will take it.  You could try sending it back to the companies who make vinyl, though they will probably throw it out anyway. One the other hand, that would be the most fun option.

To recycle large amounts of vinyl binders:

The theory is the same, though now I am assuming you are a large corporation with a warehouse full of old, broken vinyl binders. For you cutting each one is, shall we say, inconvenient. Fortunately, there are companies that will grind things upt o separate the component parts. They would run your binders through a grinder, separate the metal, paper and vinyl.

If you have enough, you can offset costs by selling the paper and metals to a recycler.  The vinyl, well, the vinyl will have to go to a toxic waste dump, or you could try sending it to the people who make vinyl. It may cost you more that way, but again, the fun factor is high.

Why do we at Naked Binder recommend not using vinyl binders? You name it. They end up costing you more in replacement binders, time, disposal and they are toxic no matter which part of their life cycle they are in.

Stronger, better looking and non-toxic 3-ring binders are out there and the cost is usually the same as a vinyl binder or even less. Check out alternatives and save yourself some headaches!

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