Get a really, really Green 3-ring Binder

Green is overused as a term for eco-friendly – and eco-friendly is overused already as a marketing term instead of an actual fact.

That is why when Naked Binder says we have the most environmentally friendly binders for the planet, we can back that up.

Our 3-ring binders are made with 100% FSC certified post consumer waste board.  If you get a New Project Binder (seen here) this has a 30% recycled paper cover (in green) and a paper liner. Every 3-ring binder we make is 100% recyclable – no ifs ands or buts.

recycled, recyclable eco friendly binder - in green!

We make all of our 3-ring binders in Des Moines, IA in the United States and we build them to last.  We had the bare board Naked Binder lab tested to 250,000 flexes without failure. That is 34 uses a day for the next 20 years. Try that with a vinyl binder.

Sustainable, strong, made in the USA, recycled and recyclable 3-ring binders.  We are proud of that.

When you need a green, eco-friendly 3-ring binder, make sure that the label is not all talk. At Naked Binder, green means green!

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