Evolution of a Recycled Binder – or what happened to the old stuff?

Most of you know that almost a year ago Naked Binder discontinued all of our binders that had cotton cloth spine wraps on them.

Many of you are a bit sad about that, and so are we.

So let me tell you a little story about Naked Binder and why we do what we do.

First off, Naked Binder was created to make the most eco friendly, sustainable 3-ring binders on the planet. No joke, that is the goal. We judge that by using only non-toxic, sustainable materials (FSC certified 100% post consumer waste board, papers with recycled content, processed bleach free and archival in quality), making our binders to last (lab tested to 250,000 flexes and still working!) and making our binders 100% recyclable.

The original line included the Classic and Project Binders, which had cotton cloth spine wraps of various and wonderful colors. These helped protect the binders (longer lasting) and added a nice splash of color.  We had checked with several recycling centers who said that indeed the cotton cloth would be recycled with the paper parts of the binder. We were ecstatic.

Later we started hearing rumbles that not all recycling centers would do that, so we started calling around. To our surprise, many centers would not recycle it and were just throwing it away.

We pondered. Even with that being thrown away, the Naked Binder series was still more recyclable and sustainable than anything else on the market. But, if we are to be true to our goal, we had to do something about that last bit of waste.

So we eliminated it.  We remade the binders to be all paper construction – The New Project Binder was born.  We are proud of our new series – clean lines and nice look.

For those of you who used and loved the old versions of our binders, we want you to know that the decision was not random, easy or even something we wanted to do. But in order to give you a genuine recycled and recyclable, sustainable 3-ring binder… we had to do it. Naked Binder will always work to give you the real deal – no greenwashing, no double talk. For those of you who are concerned about what you use and how it impacts the planet, Naked Binder will always give you the best eco-friendly products we can make.

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