Desktop organizer ideas from one of our Canadian friends

For those of you with cluttered desks and a bit of craftiness about you, a friend of ours sent us these DIY desktop organizer ideas.

1> For your pens and pencils:  That can of soup you had for lunch can be turned into a fancy desk top pen holder.  Seems like this would be nice for collecting your change at the end of the day (also known as the “vacation fund” around the house.)

tin can organizers

DIY desktop organizer

2> If you have a shoebox, toilet paper rolls and some nice papers and a little time, you can organize all of your art supplies in style.  Having a youngish child, this seems like a good things for his art supplies also!

DIY desktop organizers

DIY organizer

Reuse, Recycle! DIY, be organized and cut the waste!

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