Green Meetings – look better, get more done

Greening meetings is a mix of using better materials and having smarter meetings.

Greener Meeting Materials:

Bare Board, eco friendly, recycled and recyclable 3 ring binders - Naked BinderWe are not going to beat around the bush here.  We sell eco friendly recycled binders so we just have to say – stop using vinyl binders! While they do hold paper for their lifespan (about 3 months if they are being used), they are toxic and nearly impossible to recycle. Plus they look like you are in grade school again.

If you move to a recycled and recyclable 3-ring binder, they are non-toxic, last for 250,000 flexes (use it 20 times a day for 34 years!) and they look great.  After the meeting, that binder can be proudly used for years by the attendees and then recycled.

For all of your papers, we know you already use recycled copy papers, print two sided and minimize the amount of paper you are using already, so we probably don’t even have to mention that.

Use a pitcher of water and washable glasses not bottled water.  Live downstream from Duke Energy?  Perhaps a really good reverse osmosis purifier would be in order.

Better, smarter meetings.

First off, keep them short.  Know exactly what you need to discuss, let people prepare ahead of time so the answers are front and center.  This does two things, everyone can get back to work (useful!) and they are sitting down less.  Sitting down basically makes you less efficient and alert.  If the meeting can be active, have people up and moving – work in groups, write on white boards so people can stand up.

If you have to sit, make sure it is short and to the point. Then turn the lights off when you leave.

Greener meetings may mean less of them, but when they are necessary, make sure the materials are greener!

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