The Recycled, Recyclable Pocket Folder

Pocket folders are organizational tools, keepers of artifacts, photos, kids pictures, important business papers, important and odd ideas, a company prospectus, memories, the past and the future. What you put in a pocket folder is important to you, so why would you use one that is toxic and ugly? At Naked Binder, we think that […]

Custom 3-Ring Binders that are 100% Recyclable

So, many of you know that Naked Binder has a sister company that makes custom printed 3-ring binders, pocket folders, tab dividers, awesome boxes of all types and more. Corporate Image is a eco friendly green printer – using soy inks, FSC certified and recycled papers, the same 100% post consumer waste binders board we […]

A Great Recyclable Pocket Folder

Why not dress your papers in a really good looking Pocket Folder?           They are Beautiful Natural, elemental and well designed for long life, our pocket folders have the best of what you want in a pocket folder. Whether you are using them for proposals, green board meetings, art project proposals […]

Art Friday: Robert Ashley – Composer

Art Friday again!  NPR has a great piece on Robert Ashley, who died at age 83. He was brilliant and will be missed, especially among composers working in experimental genres. Read a bit and check it out here. Robert Ashley, a restlessly innovative American composer, died at his home in New York March 3 from […]

Trying to find a good way to store magazines?

I don’t know about you, but saving magazines is a frustrating thing for me.  Either I have no idea where in the foot tall stack the information I need is, or I end up shoving them in a dark space, only to find them years later. So we stumbled on a way to turn your […]