Trying to find a good way to store magazines?

I don’t know about you, but saving magazines is a frustrating thing for me.  Either I have no idea where in the foot tall stack the information I need is, or I end up shoving them in a dark space, only to find them years later.

So we stumbled on a way to turn your 3-ring binders into magazine storage! This offers me a chance to search for magazines by year (or multiple years) and keeps them neat on a shelf. Eureka! A way to organize my home and office that is eco friendly!

easy magazine storage in a (recycled) 3-ring binder

This photo shows a vinyl 3-ring binder.  Ignore that.  If not for the toxic nature of vinyl binders, then for your magazines.  Naked Binders are all acid free, meaning that they will not make your magazines brittle and yellow over time.  We can’t say that for vinyl binders.

But the idea is great.  This is in essence how libraries store newspapers.  Simple. Neat. Inexpensive. For teachers, work journals, research guides and nearly everything you might want to keep, these magazine holders seem like a great way to go.

Now your recycled 3-ring binders can protect your favorite magazines!

Link to magazine holders

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