A Great Recyclable Pocket Folder

Why not dress your papers in a really good looking Pocket Folder?

Recyclable Two_Pocket_Folder         Insertable binder pocket

They are Beautiful

Natural, elemental and well designed for long life, our pocket folders have the best of what you want in a pocket folder. Whether you are using them for proposals, green board meetings, art project proposals or around the house, you feel good with an all natural pocket folder.

Plus, they are super easy and fun to customize.

You Recycle Everything Else

Why not recycle your pocket folders and 3-ring binders? You care enough to do the right thing down to composting food scraps.  We make it easy to go that single step farther and make your office products recycled and recyclable.  We have even composted the binders.

The World Needs You

No matter what you believe the cause is, the climate is changing. News that the arctic circle was warmer this year than in possibly 120,000 years.  Not this decade, 120,000 years.  When the ice melts, the sea absorbs more heat and a viscous circle is in play.  The things you use contribute to that.

Vinyl is toxic and off gasses nasty chemicals for it’s entire and very long life. Even in landfill.  If it burns (there are 9500 landfill fires in the US every year)  Those clouds of toxic gas just spread and spread.

Our pocket folders are made of 100% recycled paper, meaning no trees are taken down (off doing good things in nature) and less energy and water is required than to make new paper.  Since they are 100% recyclable, this circle continues!

You Are Smart, Beautiful, Strong and Wise

We love that about you.  That is why we make the products we do. The best recycled and recyclable pocket folders.  That’s right.

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