Interesting People: Budding Farmers

Naked Binder is always interested in people doing amazing things, teaching and creating.  Budding Farmers is an organization that works with kids to connect them with their food, where it comes from and how it all works. Budding Farmers was launched in 2013 by farmer-educator Monica Irwin after her years of experience working within the […]

Know Your Designers: Massimo Vignelli: 1931-2014

We would like to celebrate the life and work of Massimo Vignelli whose work has influenced generations and delighted and intrigued (OK and angered) many. Naked Binder was created on the idea that “less is more” – clean design, less fuss and better function which was influenced in no small part by Massimo Vignelli the […]

Eco Friendly Mini Binder – A Half Sheet Notebook Binder With Style

When you need a small 3-ring binder, the eco friendly notebook binder is the way to go. Portable, classy and 100% recyclable, the Naked Binder notebook binders are perfect for meetings, cheaper than a moleskin for jotting down ideas and drawings, great for keeping kids in the car occupied and also great for co-ordinating information at […]

Interesting Portable Solar Company – Goal Zero

I ran across this company through the outdoor industry, and it occurred to me that perhaps they are not as well know outside the industry (Outdoor industry = people who make gear and promote going to wild places, though most of their customers may not make it that far). Basically, green living taken to the […]

Need a Pocket in your 3-ring Binder? Check these out!

Have a 3-ring Binder but need pockets in it? The Naked Binder Binder Pouch is an organizational tools, keepers of artifacts, photos, kids pictures, important business papers, important and odd ideas, a company prospectus, memories, the past and the future. Stronger than a vinyl binder pocket, better looking than poly pockets and 100% recyclable and recycled, […]

Have your table charge your smart phone

In the long lasting quest to live greener, use less and at least not cause too much harm I have always thought that our dependence on electronics was a bit of a dodge. The constant charging and re-charging as well as the upgrades seem to far outweigh the slight drop in paper usage and time […]

7 Eco Apps – Using your smartphone to be smarter!

If you are like me, most apps you download are sitting and never doing anything (except for Duolingo which I try to use everyday). That doesn’t mean that it has to stay that way.  While concern over sustainability seems to be waning in our political sphere, many of us in the great unwashed mass understand […]