7 Eco Apps – Using your smartphone to be smarter!

If you are like me, most apps you download are sitting and never doing anything (except for Duolingo which I try to use everyday). That doesn’t mean that it has to stay that way.  While concern over sustainability seems to be waning in our political sphere, many of us in the great unwashed mass understand the need to pay attention.

Green Apps can give you an easy way to track your commute, energy use, look at the products you buy and more – all while you are on the go.  No more trying to remember which fish is sustainable or the best recyclable and low footprint products.

Triple Pundit put together a list of 7 great eco friendly apps that can help you everyday. For example:

1. GiveO2

In a crowd of carbon footprint trackers, GiveO2 stands out.Debuted at SXSW 2013, this bilingual app for iOs and Android allows users to easily monitor the carbon footprint of their daily commutes — whether it’s by car, bike, public transit or a combination of the three.

2. Leafully

Grand prize winner of the DOE’s Apps for Energy challenge in 2012, Leafully goes beyond most energy trackers by connecting directly a user’s local utility, automatically monitoring energy consumption, and notifying the user when they consume more energy than normal.

7. Carma Carpooling

Carma Carpooling from Avego is the No. 1 carpooling verification app in the U.S. and eight other countries around the world. By making it easy to connect with neighbors looking for a ride, Carma Carpooling helps commuters reduce both carbon emissions and urban gridlock.

Check them all out and see how you can save your self time, money and the planet!

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